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Sharks Fight Over A Hair Dye Brand; Anupam Mittal Calls It Dirty Game

Anupam Mittal finds over-smartness in Paradyes pitches in getting over-ambitious.

Shark Tank India season 2 has ventured into many small and young business ideas and has made them a big name in the marketplace. They have also pitched into unique businesses and entrepreneurs go with a happy face.

One such young business is Paradyes which is owned by couple Yushika and Siddharth, introducing herbal colors into semi-permanent hair dyes for funky hair with bright colors. Shark Peyush shared his story when he was studying abroad and had dyed his hair red streaks. Other sharks were amazed by this story. As they pitched for 65 lakhs for 1% equity, sharks were ready to invest in this field.

As Peyush pitched first for 5% with the same amount Vineeta and Anupam(together) and Aman (solo) ventured with 5% and 3% equity in the business. Both Yushika and Siddharth presented a counteroffer for 3% equity. Peyush gave them a warning that if they took Vineeta’s offer she will suppress them into Sugar Dyes, launching her hair dye brand. Vineeta became frustrated with such an accusation. The two pitchers were seen as very happy as the sharks were fighting for their company to be the first investor.

After seeing this Anupam backed out saying that you guys played a dirty game and even Peyush backed out after seeing this hustle over a hair dye brand. The couple asked for Aman and Vineeta to cone at 2% equity and the deal is done.

Apart from this Chhavi Singh from Delhi ventured into her housing, dining, and décor business which impressed the Sharks, and asked for 1% equity for 50 lakhs. Vineeta and Aman asked her why since they are redecorating their houses why didn’t hear about her as she presented premium products. In reply to it, she said that they play every safe in the marketplace. Namita offered her 50 lakhs for 2% equity and the deal was sealed.

Lastly, Hardik Rathore came to Shark tank India introducing a sleep relaxer like a cocoon theory; probably the first in India. He pitched this idea as it’s an ancient belief that covering yourself makes a cozy feeling and helps you sleep better. A little moment of humor as Anupam was asked to test it and made everybody laugh. Later Anupam found flaws in the idea and said it maybe not happen to her since we are not ready. Other sharks also didn’t find it investable for they too backed out.

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