Bigg Boss Fame Ajaz Khan Criticises Media, Says “Media Sabse Bada Villain Hai”

Ajaz Khan used harsh worst while describing his anger against the media. He termed the media as India's biggest villain.

Ajaz Khan, a man whose name is synonymous with controversy, has many other unseen sides that are appreciable. Ajaz Khan became a viral name after he appeared in Bigg Boss season 7. He was behind bars for 2 years due to drug charges against him. But he blamed the media for the entire controversy. He criticized the media a lot in an exclusive interview with the Lehren Podcast. 

When he was asked about targeting the Bollywood industry in the drug controversy, he said, “Sach kabhi media dikhayegi nahi. Sabse bada villain Hindustan ka agar koi hai, Hindustan ki halat kharab karne mein, bachchon ko kharab karne mein, jhooth ko dikhane mein toh woh media hai. Media sabse bada villain hai (media won’t share the truth. The media is the biggest enemy of India. If there is anyone who is responsible for the worst condition of India, the worst condition of Indian youth, and who is responsible for showing the fake, it is the media. The media is the biggest enemy of Hindustan).”  He expressed his anger against the media. Later, he said that the media turns politicians’ lie into truth and shows the honest person in a fake way. He almost cursed them, saying all those people who have published the lie will have a terrible death. 

He understands the power media possesses in our country, and hence he made the statement that the day media will show the truth in front of people, India will change within one day. He condemned reporters, too, who are earning money through inappropriate means. At last, he ended up saying, “Desh ka kabhi kuch nahi hoga.” 

Ajaz Khan’s way of expressing himself is quite aggressive. In this exclusive interview, he talked about the days he spent in jail and his NGO, ‘Allah Ke Banday’ through which he does some charity work. Do watch this most revealing interview only on the Lehren Podcast. 

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