Actor Karan Patel Calls Bigg Boss A “Dirty And Disrespectful Show”

Karan Patel slammed the makers of Bigg Boss stating that they have transformed it into a 'vulgar and disrespectful' program.

TV actor Karan Patel has previously revealed that he would never participate if given an opportunity to appear in the famous reality TV show, Bigg Boss. However, despite his refusal to participate in the show Karan Patel has been a dedicated follower of Salman Khan’s show. He often appeared in the show as he expressed his opinion and supported his favorite contestant in different seasons.

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However, recently in a recent interview, Karan expressed his belief that Bigg Boss has transformed into a ‘vulgar and disrespectful’ program, placing blame on its creators. Karan Patel remarked that the show’s standards have significantly declined, stating that it is too demeaning to be affiliated with it.

Karan stated that the Bigg Boss production team is grouping social media influencers together with actors from the television industry. He told Bombay Times, “Bigg Boss has picked up TikTok/Influencer people and put them into the houses with contestants. So where has your understanding and level of calling people or treating people like celebrities has come down to?”

He added, “Earlier you had only strictly actors. Then you started spoiling the entire fabric by getting actors with commoners. Then you started getting them with commoners and even commoners from even a lower section of the society. Then you started combining everything together. It’s become such a dirty, disrespectful show to even be associated with.”

Netizens React

Reacting to his statement a segment of netizens shared their reactions. Many netizens agreed with the actor, auser wrote, “Agree… BB be calling anyone and call them celebrities while the actors get humiliated unneccessarily…. Raise your standard Bigg Boss.”

Another user tweeted, “He is not completely wrong”, one wrote, “Social media stars have strong fandom so they get more votes… More trending etc”, another wrote, “Actually he is right, TV should be for actors only, OTT should be for social media stars only”.

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