Elvish Yadav Provided Snake Venom At Rave Parties For This SHOCKING Reason

As per the latest reports, it is now believed that Elvish allegedly supplied the snake venom for money and to 'boost his fan base'.

ElvishYadavSnakeVenomCase: New developments have emerged in Elvish Yadav’s “snake venom Case”. Nearly two days following the arrest of the winner of Bigg Boss OTT 2, the purported reason behind Elvish’s provision of snake venom at rave parties has been disclosed. According to police sources cited by a publication, while financial gain was a factor, Elvish allegedly supplied the snake venom to ‘boost his fan base’ and project a sense of ‘swagger.’ The YouTuber has been remanded to 14-day judicial custody by a local court.

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The latest report challenges the assertions made by a police insider on Monday, who stated that Elvish had admitted to his wrongdoing. Speaking to The Indian Express, a police insider stated, that during the interrogation, Yadav denied the accusations, however, the police possessed substantial evidence.

The police insider revealed that Elvish seemed intent on projecting an image of being fearless and unconstrained by law enforcement. He aimed to portray himself to his followers as someone unafraid of authority and capable of doing as he pleased.

All About The Snake Venom Case

Elvish Yadav became associated with the snake venom case last year when his name was initially mentioned. The involvement emerged after the arrest of a group of five individuals in connection with a party held in November. During a police raid in Noida sector 49, nine snakes, including five cobras, were found, along with approximately 20 ml of snake venom.

During that period, the detained group asserted that they provided Elvish with snakes and snake venom for his events. However, Elvish refuted these claims. He underwent questioning on November 7, 2023, regarding the matter, stating that the snakes were provided to the Noida rave party by singer Fazilpuria.

Nonetheless, on Sunday, March 17, authorities apprehended Elvish. He was placed under judicial custody and is expected to be held for 14 days.

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