Abhishek Nigam Was ‘Nervous and Scared’ To Do Alibaba Since Tunisha’s Demise

Nervousness and responsibility to justify the character was getting Abhishek Nigam scared to do Alibaba Chapter -2

Ever since Tunisha Sharma committed suicide last year in December, the whole cast and crew changed the scenario and the story of the show. As Abhishek Nigam was finalized for the sequel to Alibaba: Dastan-e- Kabul; fans were disappointed and dishearted as the main lead Sheezan Khan was arrested. Recently, Abhishek spoke about the pressure and nervousness of doing the show.

The show now Ali Baba: Ek Andaaz Andekha Chapter 2; Abhishek Nigam was asked if he felt “uncomfortable” when he began filming the show and he told ETimes, “Uncomfortable se zyada, responsibility wala khayaal haavi tha. (Instead of feeling uncomfortable, I felt more responsible.) At first, I was nervous and scared because the decision to come on board was made overnight. Whenever I was nervous, the director and the cast would always cheer me on. Everyone was supportive, warm, and understanding. They didn’t make me feel like a newbie.

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Abhishek replaced Sheezan Khan as the main character, stating that comparisons were natural and inevitable. “Regardless of the nature of the replacement, comparisons are normal and inevitable. Audiences find it difficult to get used to a new face. However, if you are careful and portray the character convincingly, you will strike a chord with the viewer. Our thought process was to bring a new approach to the program. Although the core emotion has remained, my character is different than it used to be. It’s more energetic and idiosyncratic,” the actor told the entertainment portal.

The show’s creators have said a search is underway for a new actress, but Tunisha’s character is not being recast. Now they are concentrating on bringing a new character as the female lead alongside Abhishek Nigam.

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