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5 Times Urfi Javed Slammed Celebs For Mocking Her Dressing Style

Here are the top 5 times Urfi Javed slammed celebs for mocking her dressing style and fashion-

Internet sensation Urfi Javed is one of the most popular influencers who is known for her unique yet undoubtedly very bold fashion sense. Urfi who earlier appeared in several television shows and the reality show Bigg Boss OTT rose to fame with her short videos and Instagram reels where she is often seen experimenting with her looks.

However, her social media post have often been criticized by the audience and even the celebs in the industry. But it seems Urfi Javed pays no heed to people who aren’t very appreciative of her fashion. And because of the same Urfi has often locked horns with many celebs for criticizing her fashion statement. Here are the top 5 times Urfi Javed slammed celebs for mocking her dressing style and fashion-

  1. Urfi Javed Vs Kashmera Shah

Earlier this year Krushna Abhishek’s wife Kahmera Shah took a brutal jibe at Urfi after she stated that Urfi is only popular on Instagram. Reacting to the same Urfi hit back at Kashmera saying that at least she is popular on Instagram while Kashmera isn’t popular either on social media or in real life.

2. Urfi Javed Locks Horn With Chahatt Khanna

Urfi and Chahhatt have long been engaged in their verbal spat. The fight began after Chahatt passed a sarcastic comment on Urfi’s dressing sense. Soon after which Urfi gave it back to the actress after her name rose in the conman Sukesh case. Reacting to this Chahatt took a brutal jibe at Urfi saying that she isn’t fit to be a wife or mother. The two have recently again went into a war of words after Chahatt supported Chetan Bhagat over mocking Urfi for her dressing sense.

3. Urfi Javed Schools Chetan Bhagat

Recently Urfi Javed slammed author Chetan Bhagat after the latter claimed that the youth is getting distracted by the videos of Urfi Javed. Reacting to this Urfi then shared some leaked WhatsApp pictures of Chetan Bhagat’s chat during the #MeToo movement.

4. Urfi Javed Slams Sussanne Khan’s Sister

Urfi Javed has also slammed Sussanne Khan’s sister, Farah Ali Khan, accusing her of slut-shaming and embarrassing her in public. Their fight started after Farah Ali Khan stated that Urfi Javed should be reprimanded for her distasteful dressing.

5. Urfi Javed Vs Rahul Vaidya

Earlier this year, Rahul Vaidya shared a tweet and took a jibe at people posting semi-nudes on social media. The singer further claimed that in the coming years’ people will start posting nudes in the name of fashion or trend. Later Urfi took a jibe at Rahul as she called him a “sexist hypocrite” for sexualizing a woman’s body for his own benefit.

And that’s a wrap!!

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