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Urfi Javed Slams Chahatt Khanna For Supporting Chetan Bhagat

Urfi Javed has now slammed Chahatt Khanna for supporting Chetan Bhagat. Here's what she said-

Recently a huge argument was sparked between internet sensation Urfi Javed and writer Chetan Bhagat after the latter accused Urfi of being a distraction for the youth. The author claimed that Urfi’s outfits have become a distraction for the youth and are negatively impacting them. Reacting to the same actress Chahatt Khanna who earlier had an ugly spat with Urfi came out to support Chetan Bhagat.

During an interaction with Instant Bollywood Chahatt Khanna said, “Chetan Bhagat is a very well-known and well-respected person. I am happy that people have started speaking up. People have started opposing it. I just read one line that she is a distraction for youth. Woh toh bahot ache shabdon mein kaha hai. Usse bhi kai zyada badi cheezein hai jo she has been doing. But theek hai to each its own. I think uski tareef ho gayi hai ek tareeke se. Girls want to be a distraction. Bahot mild tareeke se taareef ki hai toh mujhe nahi lagta kuch bola hai.”

Chahatt’s response didn’t go down well with Urfi. Taking to her Instagram stories Urfi shared Chahatt’s interview video and wrote, “Tomorrow when your daughters grow up and if ever a man harasses them because of their clothes, remember this statement you gave about me then in the future. Show this to your daughters! Opposing what i put on my body? Hate is consuming you. Stop blaming women for men’s actions. Chetan Bhagat is not a respected person, he messaged women half of age asking them for sexual favours (I uploaded the chats too). You’re literally degrading your entire gender cause you are so consumed with the hate you have for me. You don’t hate me cause I wear short clothes, cayse you do too. You have lingerie pictures on Instagram. You just hate me cause you don’t get the same attention. Facts only. Now please stop using my name for publicity! You know it yourself, if you don’t use my name – none of these media pages will post about you!”

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