Bigg Boss Fame Archana Gautam Reveals Shocking Details About Priyanka Gandhi’s PA Who Threatened To Kill Her, Details Inside

Archana Revealed That Sandeep Had A History Of Harassing Many Individuals, Including Women, Due To His Powerful Position

Archana Gautam rose to fame after her stint in Bigg Boss 16, where she became a beloved contestant, but sadly couldn’t secure victory and was eliminated from the house. Prior to entering the Bigg Boss house, she had political affiliations with the Congress party and even contested in the 2022 assembly elections from Hastinapur, but only received 1519 votes.

After her Bigg Boss journey, Archana’s life took a turn when she delved deeper into politics and expressed her desire to meet Priyanka Gandhi. However, her encounter with Priyanka’s PA, Sandeep Singh, turned into a sour and unsettling experience.

The story unfolds when Archana reached out to Sandeep Singh to arrange a meeting with Priyanka Gandhi. Unfortunately, their interaction turned into a heated altercation, with Sandeep allegedly threatening and misbehaving with Archana. The news of the brawl caught media attention, and Archana’s father filed a case against Sandeep in Meerut. In the complaint, he mentioned that his daughter was subjected to death threats and faced derogatory comments based on her caste.

In the aftermath of the incident, Archana revealed that Sandeep had a history of harassing many individuals, including women, due to his powerful position. She bravely took a stand against his actions and vowed to fight for others who might have suffered in silence.

Archana’s story sheds light on the importance of speaking out against harassment and abuse, even when faced with powerful adversaries. Her determination to seek justice for herself and others serves as an inspiration to many, empowering them to stand up against any form of mistreatment.

In the complete interview, Archana shares her side of the story, recounting the incident and expressing her resolve to hold Sandeep accountable for his actions.

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