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International Shows You Can Binge Watch During This Lockdown

It's been a rough year and we have nowhere to go, which means most of us turn to our TV or laptops for some entertainment. Here we have list shows which you can binge-watch while during the self-isolation period.

Coronavirus Lockdown is far from over and everyone has been relying on digital platforms to pass their time. There has been surge on people subscribing Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Disney Plus and many more. Even TV channels are re telecasting their old shows as all the major productions have come to an abrupt halt. 

It’s been a rough year and we have nowhere to go, which means most of us turn to our TV or laptops for some entertainment. Here we have list shows which you can binge-watch while during the self-isolation period.

Dark – Germany

Dark came out back in 2017 but people are now discovering and calling it the most underrated show on Netflix. From romance, to suspense, the show has it all. Those who have seen Dark are calling it the most mind f**k show. Well, why not, the time travel really gets into you and makes you question your own existence. They even have Chernobyl references so you know what you’re getting into. However, the show starts with a simple storyline of a small town people living happily while some want to get out of it but soon they realize they have intertwined relations with each other which they discover as the show progresses. Initially Dark drew a lot of comparisons to Stranger Things but as the story moved forward everyone realized that this is something beyond ‘UPSIDE DOWN’. The show is filled with a lot of twists and mysteries, watch it with a peaceful mind.

Money Heist – Spanish

We know everyone has seen it but why not people who haven’t seen at least give it a try and be part of the Professors team. Fans will agree with me, it is said that Money Heist was initially rejected after first season but Netflix saved it and now it is one of the top foreign language show. Believe me, you’ll get hooked right after first episode, once you’re into it there’s no turning back, as big twists and cleverly planned heist will make you think each and every character’s fate. The fourth season dropped last month but it ended with a cliffhanger so you have enough time to binge-watch and be part of our tribe.

Fauda – Israel

If you love watching terrorism based shows then this is it, Fauda is everything you want. You’ll hooked to the show right from the first frame as it’s faced paced and heart-pumping sequence will definitely give you adrenaline rush. The further you watch the more bizarre it gets. As the name suggests Fauda which literally means Chaos, it is a complete action-packed thriller and one of the well-written show in the world. Fauda presents the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in a realistic way and even attempts to humanize the Palestinian terror operatives. It’s not any random show with lots of gun fights and bombing, rather than the show focuses more on characters and their personal problems.

Into the night – Belgium

Into the night is a fast-paced post-apocalyptic drama that focuses on a bunch of people who are saving themselves from sunlight. Well the plot may sound funny but it’s really an interesting watch, although the trailer doesn’t give out much, but with just 6 episodes you’ll feel tension, suspense, and character transformation all in one. You might compare Into The Night with The Lost but both the show has their own share, one takes in a jungle while other is just inside an airplane. The name of every episode is named after a character and explores their darker and humiliating side also we get to see who they were before boarding the plane. The rising tension and tight premise makes it an extremely enjoyable show.

Kingdom – South Korea

Kingdom is yet another post-apocalyptic show based in ancient South Korea. You have watched many zombies show but Kingdom is not your regular zombie drama as it takes us deeper and deeper into the sinister world of the Royal Family and their horrifying secrets. The way each frame lingers on a scene gives time to the viewers to appreciate the pretty landscapes of the countryside, villages, royal palaces, is absolutely delight in a whole new level. Get ready to be pushed to the edge of your seats, as you hold your breath in keenness every time the zombies come snarling and hissing, ready to lunge at any visible targets. I assure you, even if you are not a fan of thriller-cum-horror series, do give Kingdom a watch.

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