Why Producer Amy Pascal Advised Tom Holland & Zendaya Not To Fall In Love With Each Other?

Amy doesn’t want any complication between Tom and Zendaya and that’s why she advised them not to fall in love real life.

Tom Holland and Zendaya are the favourite couple of fans who have created a buzz on social media. There are many fan pages on Instagram that always post the cutest photos of this couple. But do you know that Amy Pascal, producer of “Spider-man: No Way Home” once warned them not to fall in love? And a few days back, there was news of their breakup. It made fans super nervous.  Fans never want them to break up like Emma Stone & Andrew Garfield.

Zendaya and Tom first worked as a duo in their first marvel movie, “Spider-man: Homecoming”, released in 2017. They started dating each other in 2021. And their frequent public appearance made it confirm that these two are in love. But Amy Pascal warned them separately not to get involved romantically in real life. In an interview with New York Time, she said, “I took Tom and Zendaya aside separately when we first cast them and gave them a lecture. Don’t go there — just don’t. Try not to. I gave the same advice to Andrew and Emma. It can just complicate things, you know? And they all ignored me.”

Andrew and Emma started dating each other in 2011 during the filming of the first marvel film “The Amazing Spider-Man”. But they bust up after 4 years of relationship. The same happened with Maguire and Kristen when they were shooting Spider-Man 2001 and parted their ways after some years. Amy doesn’t want this to happen to Tom and Zendaya and that’s why she advised them.

But for now, their breakup rumors have stopped as they both were seen together at the premiere of Zendaya’s “Dune: Part Two” in London.  

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