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The Lincoln Lawyer- Season 2 Updates, Storyline And More!

After the immense success of the sophomore season, Netflix has renewed the legal drama for a second season. Read to know more!

The first season of the legal drama series left viewers hooked, with much still left to be asked as the finale episode uncovered major last-minute twists. It was sure a nail-biter right till the end, but the drama left viewers needy with questions, keep on reading as we debunk a few of them! Spoilers ahead!

The plot of the drama revolves around the conventional courtroom procedural, and main lead Mickey Haller and his life as he navigates his way through his make-or-break cases. Based on the novel ‘The Brass Verdict’ by Michael Connelly, after a series of mysterious killings, an unemployed Mickey is brought back to work by his former colleague at the law firm. This forces Mickey to join the law firm and in turn, investigate his colleague’s mysterious death.

After a fiery finale of season 1, fans were left asking for more after the first season saw the deaths of some of the key characters of the series. This had led to high anticipation among viewers, as they’re left curious to know what the second season has to unfold. Within the first week of its streaming, the series became Netflix’s most-watched English series globally, so it had to get renewed for another season. Here’s all you need to know!


With most viewers left bewildered after the end of the first season, the 10-episode series unravelled the mystery behind a double murder. The end made viewers question, who actually killed Jerry Vincent and was his death related to Trevor Elliot’s case? It is revealed in the series how Vincent was actually killed by Juror no 7, identified as his real name McSweeney, who was the one who killed Jerry. He also tried to kill Mickey Haller, but Det. Raymond Griggs saves his life at the right time. Most viewers were left on a cliffhanger at the end of season 1, when they saw Mickey Haller going back to surf, being overlooked by the same man with tattoos, which fuels to the curiosity for season 2.


On June 14, 2022, season 2 of ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ was officially confirmed, and has been revealed that the beagle series will also contain 10 episodes. Given the release date of season 1, that got released in May 2022, it’s obvious that the viewers have to wait for quite some time before they are presented with season 2. Usually, it takes around 10 to 16 months, from Netflix to order the show to the show finally being released on the platform.

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The renewed contract of season 2 has revealed that there haven’t been quite extensive changes in the star cast and remains the same as season 1. Except for the inclusion of a new character called Lisa Trammel Trammel, who is being represented by Micky for murdering her husband. This although, can prove positive in the series being released somewhat earlier than being expected right now. The entire cast list of season 2 is as follows:

  1. Manuel Garcia-Rulfo
  2. Neve Campbell
  3. Becki Newton
  4. Jazz Raycole
  5. Angus Sampson
  6. Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine
  7. Jamie McShane
  8. Michael Graziadei
  9. Lamont Thompson

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