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Amber Heard Still Part Of ‘Aquaman 2’? Fans Recommend THESE Actresses Instead!

After her defeat in the legal battle with Johnny Depp, furious fans have now suggested replacing Amber from Aquaman 2. Read to know their suggestions!

The world knows Johnny Depp won his legal trial with Amber Heard, with the court giving its verdict in Depp’s favour. The actress, who had shared post her defeat her disappointment in the trial’s verdict, also made it a point throughout the trial to convince judges and the jurors that she had indeed, lost a lot of things and been through a lot of emotional and physical distress because of her estranged husband Johnny Depp.

Apart from her other accusations, one that got a lot of steam was her ‘Aquaman’ deal. The actress stated in the courtroom how she almost lost her deal with Warner Bros, and that they’re reconsidering her contract with her post the humiliation and negativity that the case had yielded her. The actress had raised suspicion from Warner Bros end, given their hesitancy. But despite all odds, the actress is now said to be a part of the film, and apparently had been recast as her character ‘Mera’.

This, perhaps, didn’t go well with slot of fans, who had been constantly supporting Depp during the trials and had even signed a petition to make sure Ms heard isn’t a part of the film. According to these petitioners, since Amber was being exposed by Depp as a domestic abuser, in the light of domestic abuse and violence, they wanted Warner Bros to take down from the film.

“Men are victims of domestic abuse, just like women. This must be recognized, and action must be taken to prevent a known abuser from being celebrated within the entertainment industry” stated the petition.

With that, fans of ‘Aquaman’ started making replacements online, suggesting different actresses’ that could replace Amber as Mera. one f the actress’ from the fans’ suggestions is Game of Throne fame Emilia Clarke. “Emilia Clarke would be amazing and she and Jason Momoa have amazing chemistry. AH was stiff and robotic in vocals and mannerisms, as well as coming across as snooty and like she was superior to Aquaman in the 1st film. She was actually awful” shared a user.

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Another actress that makes it to the list is Blake Lively, “Blake Lively should play her character in the future!” said a user as others agreed that Lively indeed, can play Mera. I know who can replace Amber Heard going forward in Aquaman! Blake lively! She’s sweet, kind, funny, dedicated, Hollywood royalty, and doesn’t hurt anyone!” said a user. Actress Lili Reinhart from Riverdale is another bet for the Aquaman from the fans, with fans declaring how she’d be perfect for the role.

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