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Selena Gomez Is Starting A Mental Health Media Company With Mom And Pal

Selena Gomez along with her mother and friend is going to launch a platform in 2022 that will focus on mental health.

Selena Gomez recently revealed that she is launching a company called WonderMind, as she featured on the cover of the December issue of Entrepreneur Magazine alongside her partners on the endeavor. Selena was joined by her mother and Hollywood producer Mandy Teefy. Moreover, Selena’s friend and the founder of the newsletter The Newsette, Daniella Pierson also joined her as a partner.

While taking to Instagram, Seena Gomez announced about her new platform with the cover photo of Entrepreneur. She captioned, “Mental health is something that is very close to my heart. It is so important to have places where people can come together and understand that they’re not alone in their mental fitness journey. That’s why I’ve joined forces with @mandyteefey and @daniella_pierson to bring you @officialwondermind – Launching in 2022.”

However, Selena Gomez has always been open about her mental health struggles, and now, she is using her platform to create a media company to help others who are struggling with the same battle. In the accompanying article, the founder of Rare Beauty emphasized the importance of mental health as she detailed her own struggles especially when it came to social media.

Wolves singer checked herself into a facility to get treatment back in 2018 and at the time she also deactivated her social media accounts. She opened up with Entrepreneur magazine as she said Instagram “would just make me feel like, ‘Wow, um, I’m a piece of s***. And I don’t look that good and I don’t feel that good.'”

Meanwhile, Gomez currently has 273 million followers and years ago, when she quit the picture and video sharing platform, she was the number-one most-followed person on Instagram but felt better by being off the platform. She explained, “There was a huge release of no longer feeling like I’m in this tiny phone where people are saying the most hateful things. Why would I fill up my days with that?”

Selena Gomez went on saying, “I also started to realize this entire world of people was living an unrealistic life. They were perfect and beautiful and happy all the time. But once I closed the app and glanced up, I was like, ‘Wait a minute. I’m going to talk to this cashier about my drink, and I’m going to talk to this person I ran into. It’s about having a human connection with people.'”

Selena Gomez has earlier opened about her struggles in 2015. She revealed that she had been diagnosed with lupus and had gone through chemo to treat it, and in 2017 she had to undergo a kidney transplant. She battled anxiety, depression, and panic attacks as a result of her lupus and in 2016 she announced she was ‘taking some time off’ to focus on mental health.

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