Mission Impossible Man Tom Cruise’s Humongous Net Worth

Take a sneak peek at the Action Stars Net Worth, Swanky Car Collection and luxury properties, making him the 5th richest actor in world!

‘Tom Cruise’ stands tall amongst the most popular Hollywood stars globally. Since his movie debut in the comedy creation ‘Risky Business’ followed by the action-packed ‘Top gun’, this American actor has never looked back. Tom’s all time blockbuster films have grossed over a whopping amount of ‘$4 billion’ in North American Region and ‘$11.5 billion’ globally in turn establishing the actor as one of the highest paid artists in the world of cinema. Popular for his powerful performances and breathtaking stunts in the ‘Mission Impossible series’, the mega actor also enjoys a mind boggling fan base in India too.

According to various online portals like ‘Celebrity Net Worth’ and ‘Forbes’, Tom Cruise’s Net Worth ranges over a massive sum of ‘$600 million’, making him the 5th richest actor in the world. Tom charges a bomb fee for his cinematic ventures which is close to ‘$25 million – $35’ million per film and is also counted amongst the top mega movie producers of Hollywood. Cruise owns numerous lavish-luxury properties at exotic locations around the world including a ‘mansion in Hollywood Hills, California ($13 million)’, ‘mansion in Beverly Hills ($50 million)’, ‘secluded ranch in Colorado ($39.5 million)’ and ‘sprawling estate in Sussex, UK ($4.2 million)’. The Mummy actor also flaunts a swanky automobile collection consisting of high-end cars like ‘Bugatti Veyron’, ‘Porsche 993’, ‘BMW 7 Series’, ‘Chevrolet Chevelle Super Sport’ and many more.

The global star remains the major face of ‘Ray-Ban’: the top selling aristocratic sunglasses brand; gaining millions of dollars from his starry brand endorsements too. In addition on the charitable front, Tom Cruise donated massively for the victims of 9/11 attacks; partnering with ‘America: A Tribute to Heroes’ charity program. Film Fanatics eagerly await for ‘Mission Impossible Dead Reckoning Part 2’, estimated to mint a golden figure of 1 Billion Dollars in 2025.

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