Miley Cyrus Speaks About Her Marriage With Liam Hemsworth: ‘It Was No Longer Going To Work In My Life’

She Went On To Say That She Did Not Let These Emotions Affect Her Performance

Pop singer Miley Cyrus has now opened up about the time she knew that her relationship with Liam Hemsworth was going to end. In the “Used To Be Young” series on TikTok, Miley candidly spoke about it and said it all started at the 2019 Glastonbury Festival in England.

“Glastonbury was in June, which was when the decision happened that me and Liam’s commitment to being married just really came from, of course, a place of love first — because we’d been together for 10 years — but also from a place of trauma… The day of the show was the day I had decided that it was no longer going to work in my life to be in that relationship,” she said.

Miley also opened up about how during that time, they were “just trying to rebuild as quickly as [they] could”. She went on to say that she did not let these emotions affect her performance and continued with her gig for the sake of her fans. Earlier, she had shared how she had decided to stop touring because it got very intense and exhausting.

Miley’s most recent single, “Used to be Young,” was released a few weeks ago and went on to become an instant hit with the fans. In a statement, the singer added, “This song is about honoring who we’ve been, loving who we are, and celebrating who we will become. I feel proud when reflecting on my past and optimistic when thinking about the future. I am grateful to my loyal fans who make my dreams a reality daily. I am sincerely thankful for the stability of your steadfast support. This song is for you.”

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