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Kim Kardashian Hilariously Disses Kylie Cosmetics & Calls Kylie Jenner’s Makeup ‘Cheap’

The KarJenner sisters Kim Kardashian West and Kylie Jenner team up to make a makeup tutorial for Kylie Jenner’s YouTube channel. The video titled Get Ready With Us: Kim and Kylie was uploaded on 21st January 2020 and already has over 3 million views.

In the video, Kylie decides to give Kim the “Kylie Jenner look”. The KKW Beauty businesswoman offers her bare face to her younger sister. Kylie begins putting all her best products from Kylie Cosmetics, including some KKW Beauty products. The makeup mogul even used a few exclusive unreleased products on the mommy of four.

Kylie used brown mascara on Kim for her lower lashes, revealing that it’s her favourite “makeup trick”. The 39-year-old businesswoman took the wand and began applying it herself while the mommy of one held the mirror.

Kim narrated an interesting story from her childhood talking about dad Robert Kardashian saying, “My dad used to always walk by me when I’d be putting mascara on and be like ‘Kimberly can you close your mouth when you put your mascara on because I bet there’s two things you can’t do in life’ and I was like what? And he would be like, ‘Close your mouth when you put mascara on and walk by a mirror without looking in it,’” and the two burst out laughing.

Jenner said, “I love a bright inner corner, so I like to spray …” when her setting spray failed to work. “This is a new one,” she explained as she aggressively began pressing the nozzle of the spray and asked her team, “Why the f*** is this not working?”

Kim was not too surprised with the wait and jokingly called the Kylie Cosmetics setting spray, “cheap s***” while Kylie continued to make the product work. 

“What the f***,” Kylie screamed and showed the camera that it finally started working after a few failed attempts.

The 22-year-old accidentally pulled out Kim’s eyelash and asks her to make a wish before saying she was joking. “I just wished I would beat you in Instagram again,” Kim said speaking about her wish. “Now my wish won’t come true.”

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