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K-Drama ‘Tomorrow’ Used BTS’ Names As ‘Dead People’; Makes ARMYs Furious

K-Drama 'Tomorrow' has been facing backlash after using BTS members' names to address the 'dead people' from the show. Read more!

The production house of the MBC K-drama ‘Tomorrow’ has been in some hot waters with BTS fandom ARMYs after the drama used some of the BTS members’ names to refer to their characters. While this isn’t the first time when BTS members such as Jungkook or Jimin’s names have been used in K-dramas, then why is it irking ARMYs this time?

When some ARMYs watched the drama ‘Tomorrow’, that revolves around grim reapers, who guide the dead to save the people who want to die. Its unique storyline did harbour it with good viewership as well but in some of the episodes, specifically in the seventh episode, a character from the drama can be seen writing names in the ‘registry of the entering dead’, which can be assumed that the names written in the registry were of the dead people.

Quick eyed fans noticed how the register had names and birthdates of a few BTS members, four of them, including Kim Taehyung aka V. The makers of the show also used Jungkook’s birthdate for one of the deceased characters in the drama, making ARMYs furious. While the representative of the show addressed fans regarding the controversy and assured them how the numbers were just a coincidence and that their intention was to not insult BTS, “They are merely a combination of numbers, and there are no other intentions behind them” he said.

However, fans didn’t buy his explanations and thought the makers are just fooling with the fans. Angry fans then took to the comment section of the Drama’s official website to express their rage. “Do you think the use of two names and the birthdays of four BTS members is a coincidence?” “We need an explanation and an official apology,” and “This is ridiculous and extremely disturbing.” wrote fans.

Others reacted,

“Please delete the scene. Don’t say it was a coincidence. Stop making excuses that do not make any sense!”
“Seeing how your excuse makes zero sense, it definitely was done intentionally!”, “How dare you say BTS members were murdered? Apologize! Saying it wasn’t intentional doesn’t make any sense.”

Since then, viewers have started to boycott the show and expressed their strong dejection towards the makers of the show on social media platforms. Simultaneously, the ratings of the show have also drastically reduced after the controversy.

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Meanwhile, BTS is gearing up for its upcoming album release ‘Proof’ on the 10th of June, 2022.

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