Did John Cena’s Agency Wanted Him To Reject The Barbie Movie Cameo?

Wrestler turned actor John Cena reveals that his agency had advised the latter to not proceed with Greta Gerwig's Barbie Cameo, But the star really wanted to feature as the Merman.

Greta Gerwig’s Barbie has a brief yet unforgettable cameo by John Cena. The actor talked about him receiving advice to not accept the role. Greta’s Barbie featured a humorous moment starring the WWE star as Ken, who enacted the role of a Merman in a special appearance. Nevertheless, the celebrity disclosed in a recent interview that he was told not to accept the Barbie offer by his agent during the latters visit on The Howard Stern Show.

During the conversation John revealed, ”So it’s not a big team, which I’m grateful for. I don’t have a publicity department. I have a manager only because it’s me and him. We’re kinda like a two-prong fork. And an agency that goes out and tries to look for work, and I don’t put it past them, they’re just going on what they know. And what they know is, ‘This entity, this commodity gravitates toward these things, we should stay in this lane.’ But I’m not a commodity, I’m a human being, and I operate under the construct of every opportunity is an opportunity.”

The wrestler-turned-actor added that his agency was of the impression about this role not aligning with the latters personality. ”I read the script of the movie and I tried my hardest to be in it. Margot Robbie was like, ‘We’ll make you a mermaid. You’ll be in it for half a day.’ ‘Yeah, sure. But I think the perspective from an agency standpoint was, ‘This is beneath you,’ which I get that. But also to the agency’s credit, immediately they acquiesced. I’ve always operated under the philosophy of good work gets you another chance,” he said.

Meanwhile, Barbie was nominated for 8 different categories at the academy awards. But sadly, the actor-director duo Margot Robbie and Greta Gerwig did not receive the nominations for the Best actress and Best Director category at the prestigious awards ceremony held this year.

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