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Jared Leto Shares A Glimpse Of The Meeting In A Hilarious Video

Jared Leto has taken to his social media and posted a funny video, saying the video is a sneak peek of the meeting he had with his colleagues. Check out the video.

Actor and singer Jared Leto, from Hollywood, took to his social media and shared a video of his online meeting. The actor had been homebound due to the COVID-19 lockdown and was thinking about how he’s forced to stay indoors. Jared Leto talked about staying home and even of upholding the quarantine laws. Jared Leto has been sharing videos and images of being homebound on his social media handle.

The video, Jared Leto posted is a collection of the actor’s short videos taken over the years. He can be seen playing around or being crazy while sitting indoors in the videos. While posting his social media account’s video, Jared Leto jokingly announced that he had a meeting with his colleagues. He wrote in the caption, ‘Productive meeting with all my colleagues.’

The funny video had raised in laughter for the netizens. While several showered the video with a laughing emoji, others said the video explains how they spent their weeks quarantining. Jared Leto was very involved in social media after the quarantine and has updated his fans with his day-to-day life.

Jared Leto shared a photo from his hike just a few weeks ago. Jared Leto appeared unrecognizable as he walks with a hat and a face mask, a pair of gloves and some goggles. He captioned the post saying he hopes everyone would stay safe as the COVID-19 lockout was implemented. The sunny day and the open pastures make for a relaxing walk to enjoy. Nonetheless, though walking out he did not risk his health and covered his face.

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