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HYBE Unveils Leader and Fourth Member Of Its New Girl Group- Le Sserafim

World, meet BTS’s new sister group- Le Sserafim, an upcoming 6 member girl group under Source music, all set to debut in May 2022. 

The entertainment agency uploaded pictures and videos of the leader of the group Kim Chae-won, on its social media handles on Instagram and Twitter. For the unversed, Kim was also an ex-, member of the now-disbanded girl group IZ*ONE and one of the top 12 contestants of the show ‘Produce 48’ of Mnet in 2018. Another member, who was revealed by HYBE earlier this week was Sakura, also an ex-member of IZ*ONE. 

Since the announcement of the group’s debut, its name has fueled a lot of curiosity among K-Pop fans. It is revealed that ‘Le Sserafim’ is an anagram of “I’m Fearless”, which gives an idea about the concept of the girl group, that they’ll keep moving forward in their career without being afraid of people’s opinions and prejudices.

“Hybe chairman Bang Si-hyuk will serve as the executive producer of Lesserafim’s debut album, with creative director Kim Sung-hyun – who has been working with BTS and TXT – joining the production team” an official source revealed. The girl group is said to be managed by Source music, who was also responsible for managing the now-disbanded girl group- GFriend. The group disbanded on the 18th of May, 2021. Their agency had announced the news of their disbandment and had revealed that their contracts had not been renewed. 

Though, this isn’t the first time that HYBE Labels has launched a girl group, previously known as Big Hit, had debuted a 5 member girl group ‘GLAM’ way before BTS’s debut in 2013. The hip-hop girl group consisted of Zinni, Trinity, Ji-Yeon, Dahee and Miso. Unfortunately, the group had to face some controversies and hence, disbanded in 2015.  

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