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How Joaquin Phoenix transformed into the Joker

Here is how Joaquin Phoenix transformed into the Joker.

The Joker movie is out and everyone is amazed by Joaquin Phoenix’s work as the Joker in the movie. Everyone loved his work and in the movie. If we are to talk about a madman character then Joaquin Phoenix’s portrayal is the perfect example for it. But he definitely had to create an extraordinary character which would be able to attract the attention of the audience towards it as there is no Batman involved in the movie and Phoenix’s Joker has come outright.

The main question arises is that how exactly did Joaquin transform himself as Joker. In the following article, we will tell you how exactly did Joaquin Phoenix transform into the Joker.

1) No Reference from previous Jokers.

Phoenix says that he has to create his own uniqueness in this character and for this, he did not take any reference from the previous clarifications of this character. It surely was a bold move, but this bold move has paid off right.

2) The Weight Loss

According to the comics, the character Joker is supposed to be skinny hence the first thing that Phoenix prepared for the character was losing weight so fast that his mental health would be affected so that along with feeling like a Joker he would start thinking like the psychologically affected Joker.

3) The Joker’s laugh

Before creating the actual character Joaquin first created various aspects of the character. The jokers were the first thing that Phoenix created. 

Joaquin Phoenix shared most of his transformation stories at the Venice film festival. The movie is out in the theatres and you should definitely watch it.

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