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Harry Styles Reveals The Meaning Behind His Song Watermelon Sugar – Find Out What It Is

Harry Styles finally reveals the meaning behind his Grammy Winning solo song 'Watermelon Sugar.' Read to know the meaning.

Harry Styles has now officially revealed the meaning behind his Watermelon Sugar. The 27-year-old singer spoke about what the song is about as he confirmed its NSFW meaning during his recent ‘Love On Tour concert.’ The singer had previously remained shy about what the song conveys but finally spoke about it during his recent performance.

Styles has always been making some amazing mid-concert conversations with his fans, this time he spoke about what Watermelon Sugar truly stands for.

In a video captured by a fan who attended the concert, the singer can be seen talking to his fans as he clarifies the song’s meaning before performing the track.

Harry starts by saying, “This song is about… It doesn’t really matter what it’s about.” The singer continues, “It’s about, uh… the sweetness… of life.” After humming a line or two, Styles pause again then says, “It’s also about the female orgasm, but that’s totally different. It’s not really relevant.”

Styles’ Watermelon Sugar track became a major success after its debut in 2019. The song remains special for the singer also since it bagged him his first-ever Grammy Award for Best Pop Single Performance for the song.

Earlier, he never opened up on the real meaning of the song. During an interview, last year in November, Zane Lowe asked Harry if Watermelon Sugar is about ‘the joys of mutually appreciated oral pleasure.’ Harry diverted the question by responding, “Is that what it’s about?”

Currently, Harry has been on his US tour after it was delayed amid the pandemic last year. Harry’s fans have been taking to social media to share adorable moments from his concerts including his fun interactions with them. Earlier he has given dishing out dating advice to fan. Also, during his recent concert, he helped a pregnant fan in revealing her to-be-born child’s gender. The singer has been giving fans several reasons to love him even more.

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