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Hailey Bieber Thanks Fans For Their ‘Kind Messages’ After She Details Her Stroke

Previously, Hailey Bieber revealed that she wanted to share the story in her 'own words' after getting questions about her hospitalization.

Hailey Baldwin Bieber is thanking her fans for “all the kind messages” after she shared a lengthy video explaining the mini-stroke and heart procedure she dealt with in March. Recently, the model talked about her March 10 hospitalization for the first time in a 12-minute video shared on her YouTube and Instagram. She explained in the video that she had stroke-like symptoms caused by a blood clot in her brain.

Baldwin Bieber was later diagnosed with a patent foramen ovale or PFO, a small opening in the heart that didn’t close the way it should after birth, which doctors said caused the blood clot to move from her heart to her brain, and led to her mini-stroke. She underwent a procedure to close the PFO which went “very smoothly,” Bieber said, and she’s now fully recovering. In her video, Bieber also revealed that she wanted to share the story in her “own words” after getting questions about her hospitalization.

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And just after a day, Hailey Bieber shared her gratitude to her fans. She wrote in her Instagram Stories, “Thank you for all the kind messages, and thank you to everyone who reached out after yesterday’s video.” Bieber concluded her message while noting, “Hearing so many people share their experiences and having that shared journey with so many has made all of this feel less scary.”

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