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Gigi Hadid And Bella’s Sisterly Bond Has Strengthened Since Zayn Malik’s Breakup

Bella Hadid has stuck by her sister Gigi's side, as the situation has caused a lot of tension within the family.

Gigi and Bella Hadid have reportedly grown closer following the argument that took place between Gigi’s boyfriend, singer Zayn Malik, and her mother, Yolanda Hadid. However, according to a source, the sisterly bond between Gigi and Bella has only strengthened since the British singer pleads no contest to four counts of harassment after allegedly pushing Yolanda into a dresser and calling her a ‘f***** Dutch s**t.’

Meanwhile, an insider source revealed to People, “Gigi and Bella have grown closer since the Zayn and Yolanda incident.” The source added, “Bella has stuck by Gigi’s side, as the situation has caused a lot of tension within the family.” The insider also revealed that the model appreciates how her sister has supported her during this difficult time. “Gigi is done with Zayn. She’s a really private person, so Bella has really been there to support her.”

However, “the fallout from the conflict has taken a toll on the entire family according to the source who said, “This has not been easy on Gigi and has caused a lot of stress on relationships with her family. It’s been tough on all of them because they’re all so close.” He is said to have called Gigi and yelled into the phone, “Strap on some f*****g balls and defend your partner against your f***ing mother in my house.'” 

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Zayn Malik was charged with four counts of harassment, to which he pleaded no contest. He must now complete 360 days probation in addition to completing an anger management class. The singer must also have no contact with Yolanda, his daughter’s grandmother, or with John McMahon, a security guard for the Hadid family who witnessed the incident and who he also allegedly harassed.

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