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Director Patty Jenkins Debunks Walking Away From ‘Wonder Woman 3’

Warner Bros. announced in December 2020 that another Wonder Woman sequel was in the works.

Several reports of Patty Jenkins walking away from Wonder Woman 3 are swirling around. However, the director recently broke her silence regarding her involvement with Wonder Woman 3. After it was previously reported that the third film in the Wonder Woman franchise is not moving forward, the director expressed in a lengthy Twitter post on Tuesday that she needed to provide “facts” about the situation.

Patty Jenkins begins her lengthy statement, “When there started being backlash about WW3 not happening, the attractive clickbait false story that it was me that killed it or walked away started to spread. This is simply not true. I never walked away. I was open to considering anything asked of me.”

For the unversed, Warner Bros. announced in December 2020 that another Wonder Woman sequel was in the works. Before the film’s production, Jenkins had been pegged to direct Disney’s Rogue Squadron, making her the first woman ever to helm a Star Wars film. Addressing the same, the director continues, “I originally left Rogue Squadron after a long and productive development process when it became clear it couldn’t happen soon enough and I did not want to delay WW3 any further.”

She added, “When I did, Lucasfilm asked me to consider coming back to RS after WW3, which I was honoured to do, so I agreed. They made a new deal with me.” She continued, “In fact, I am still on it and that project has been in active development ever since. I don’t know if it will happen or not. We never do until the development process is complete, but I look forward to its potential ahead.”

Patty added, “I do not want what has been a beautiful journey with WW to land on [a] negative note. I have loved and been so honoured to be the person who got to make these last two Wonder Woman films. She is an incredible character. Living in and around her values makes one a better person every day. I wish her and her legacy an amazing future ahead, with or without me.”

Jenkins concluded her post by thanking fans for their continuous support of the franchise. “Wonder Woman fans are often not the most visible in the media and online, but I want you to know that we have always seen and celebrated you and your importance. You were first and foremost in our minds every day we made the last two films. You are the best and most loving people and I look forward to always celebrating you,” she said.

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