BTS’s Jimin Shares His Health Update Post Appendicitis Surgery; Assures Fans “I’ll Be Back Soon”

The 25-year-old vocalist of the group recently underwent an emergency appendicitis surgery and was also tested positive for COVID 19 at the same time.

When news of Park Jimin, a member of Korean boyband BTS, health issues surfaced online, fans were left concerned. Bih Hit Labels, the agency that owns the band shared insights about Jimin’s health and had revealed that the young lad had suffered a sudden pain and hence was rushed to the hospital only to discover that he had appendicitis and a quick surgery was imperative. To make things worse for his fans, the singer was also diagnosed with COVID 19 at the same time, while the agency confirmed how the treatment for his surgery had already begun, on the same day itself Jimin had undergone the surgery.

Since then fans have been praying for their ‘mochi’s’ speedy recovery as they waited for an official update about the same from the group. Finally, Jimin himself took to Reverse App to share a message about his health and assured fans that he is doing well and will be discharged soon.

“Everyone, were you all really worried? I am recovering well,” wrote Jimin with a smiley emoji. He later wrote a follow-up message that read, “Sorry for making everyone worry but I think I’ll be going home soon! I’ve been recovering well and eating all three meals a day, too. Please hang in there, I’ll be better and on my way to you in no time!”

ARMYs have finally taken a sigh of relief with Jimin’s confirmation about his health and are anticipating the young artist’s departure from the hospital soon. Since the news of his surgery, “#GetWellSoonJimin and “Jimin Jimin” were trending on Twitter over a million tweets as fans all around the world expressed their concern for their favorite BTS member.

Rejoiced fans have already started to express their happiness on social media,

“I have been crying buckets over him. This made me feel so much better hearing from him. I love this man so much,” a user wrote while another user wrote, “he added a new post! thank you for the update Jimin my heart is so happy, we will always wait for you angel.”

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