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BTS Confessed They Were ‘Very Nervous’ As They Performed For The First Time After 2 Years

The K-Pop group has performed their second of four shows at Los Angeles's SoFi Stadium on Sunday night after canceling their previous tour amid the pandemic.

The K-pop group is the industry veterans and global superstars, yet BTS isn’t immune to a little stage fright, especially after such a long time away from a stadium crowd. BTS, who was just nominated for their second Grammy, was forced to cancel their 2020 U.S. tour due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic but took the stage Saturday night in Los Angeles for the first of four shows at SoFi stadium. It was their first major in-person concert since 2019.

However, during a press conference, Jin admitted that before a concert, the group members always talk amongst themselves and do a huddle in the green room. And before the first song, everyone said “I think I’m gonna cry. Everyone was very nervous.” But no one actually cried.

Jin, 28, said during a press conference on Sunday, “Before a concert, we always talk amongst ourselves and do a huddle in the green room. Before the first song On, everyone said ‘I think I’m gonna cry.’ Everyone was very nervous.” He added, “We were afraid to make a mistake but that made us practice that much harder.” He further noted, “Everyone said they were going to cry but no one actually did.”

Meanwhile, Jimin, 26 also said, “I was very nervous. I was scared,” he then joked of the group’s elaborate, high-energy set, saying, “Today, I will take it easy.” Despite their nervousness, each of the members, who also include leader RM, 27, Suga, 28, J-Hope, 27, V, 25, and Jungkook, 24, expressed their excitement to get back on stage.

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Jungkook, who along with his bandmates took home three American Music Awards, including Artist of the Year, said, “It didn’t seem real until the AMAs. They gave us all of that energy for yesterday.” The group leader RM, who called the four-night event, dubbed Permission to Dance on Stage after their chart-topping English single, “the beginning of our new chapter, “It got me really emotional beyond words.”

However, during the pandemic, BTS has performed several online concerts watched by millions of viewers in 197 countries and done remote TV appearances, but PTD On Stage is a return to form for the group, performing in front of tens of thousands of their ARMY. Meanwhile, during the pandemic, Jimin admits, “We felt powerless and felt depressed. We wanted to bring healing to everyone.” Now, he says, “We’re back where we belong.”

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