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Britney’s Legal Team To File Papers For Ending Her Conservatorship

According to the recent news reports in media, American popstar Britney Spears’s legal team files papers to end her 13 years long conservatorship.

We all know how the queen of pop music and American popstar / singer Britney Spears heart wrenching and painful testimony of the horrors and traumas she faced from past 13 years in this conservatorship during her court hearing left entire world, hollywood and her fans also shocked and special mention to the fact where she on 23rd June’s court hearing with judge via a telephonic conversation had said, ‘conservatorship is doing me way more harm than good’ and also mentioned about how she isn’t happy and wants her life back and post this many celebs including Halsey, Mariah Carey, Nicole Polizzi, and so on came out in her support on social media and stood strongly to support her in this battle for her freedom from this conservatorship. Now latest update is that Britney’s legal team to file papers for ending her conservatorship.

The new development in this ongoing conservatorship case is that Britney’s legal team to file papers for ending her conservatorship.

According to latest news reports, this is true that Britney’s legal team to file papers for ending her conservatorship.

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Not only this, but apparently Britney is all set for filing the legal documents requesting to end her 13 years long conservatorship.

According to a report on a leading global entertainment outlet, Samuel D Ingham III who is the court appointed lawyer for the singer has prepared legal documents for ending her conservatorship and also a tweet by the US Weekly editor read, “Sources have confirmed to @usweekly that #BritneySpears and her lawyer just filed a petition to terminate her conservatorship. At the end of business day, the petition had not been filed but sources said that the termination paperwork had been prepared”.

Also, according to E Times, two global imminent online hollywood portals had already published reports about how this #FreeBritney movement is gathering a shape of a huge revolution along with fact that the paperwork had been filed but later some of Britney’s ardent fans noted and said that those reports had been removed.

For people who don’t know and are unaware, a day after her conservatorship hearing, Britney actually took to her official instagram handle for the first time ever and shared a quote related to fairy tales by Albert Einstein and in her caption, she honestly apologized to all her ardent fans and followers for pretending to be okay on social media when she in reality was not at all happy in her life also mentioning about how she had felt embarrassed to share her real side of the story.

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