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When Neena Gupta Told Daughter Masaba Her Wish To Marry At 50

Was it hard for actor Neena Gupta to tell her daughter Masaba that she wished to marry at the age of 50? Find out!

Bollywood actor Neena Gupta has never lived her life by society’s rulebook. She did things what she felt right for herself. Be it her brief relationship with former West Indies cricketer Vivian Richards in the eighties or her decision to keep their child without marriage and donning the hat of a single mother, Neena has always come out to be a strong woman.

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There hasn’t been a single day when she hasn’t broken the stereotypes. She broke one at the age of 50 when she decided to get married. In 2008, Neena married Vivek Mehra who is a Delhi based Chartered accountant.

In a recent interview, Neena revealed how she broke this unconventional news with her daughter Masaba. Neena told, “Frankly, I didn’t have to tell her. Vivek and I were going around for 8/10 years; he used to come down to my house in Mumbai and I often used to go to Delhi. But yes, precisely speaking, when I told Masaba that I want to get married, she wanted to know why. I told her that marriage is important if you have to live in this society else you don’t get respect. And, Masaba understood me. Masaba is one person who will do anything for her mother’s happiness whether she likes it or not. So, I was not worried. I was just feeling a bit awkward in telling her that.”

Neena Gupta Daughter Masaba
Neena Gupta and her daughter Masaba

Well, it’s been about 12 years and the 62-year-old actress feels that her decision to get married was right. Her life was never easy, but she always managed to find happiness for herself.

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