WHAT! Anil Kapoor Auditioned For Christopher Nolan’s Inception?

Featuring in big Hollywood banners is every actor’s dream. If we talk about Anil Kapoor, he has starred in some very popular Hollywood films like Slumdog Millionaire and Mission Impossible. But did you know that he had even auditioned for Christopher Nolan’s popular film Inception? He himself revealed in a tweet that reads, “Remember meeting Christopher Nolan for a part in Inception which did not materialise for me at the time but I did get his autograph on a Batman DVD cover for @HarshKapoor_!” Well, if he had got the part, it would have been another feather to his hat. Meanwhile, Anil Kapoor is currently spending some happy time at home during the lockdown. He was last seen in Bollywood film Malang which is currently trending on Number 1 on Netflix India.