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Swara Bhaskar Has THIS To Say On The Recent ‘Ban Culture’ In Bollywood!

In an interview, Swara opened up on one of the phenomenons that taking Bollywood by a storm lately, and shared her views on it! Read to know her thoughts!

Swara Bhaskar was perhaps one of the few actors, if not the only one, who had OTT series all lined up during the pandemic, the same pandemic that made several other actors SI idle at home. Swara, apart from being an exceptional actress, is also known for her bold take on the most controversial topics and her strong political stance. Recently in an interview, the actress opened up about the revenge ban culture that’s affecting many Bollywood movies, her take on it and what she’s up to recently, in her work front.

On being asked how the actress managed to deliver 4 OTT shows during the pandemic, Swara shared her work schedule. She revealed, “All four were shot between the end of 2018 till the start of 2020. Bhaag Beanie Bhaag was the last thing I shot before the lockdown. But I dubbed for two or three of these shows during the lockdown,”

She continued, “So we had this impressive set-up with the sound engineer in Mumbai and I was in a studio in Delhi with a different sound engineer. Everything was sanitised after each sitting andI bought my own headphones. Everything was shot before but a lot of the post-production happened during the lockdown” she said.

The actress also shared her views on the recent ban culture, that’s been several affecting the outcome of many Bollywood films, owing to the new censorship rules. Swara strongly believes that some level of liberty should be given in the creative space for the artists to explore. “I do not believe in censorship. The legacy of censorship in India is very problematic because those laws were made by the British colonial government to repress the voice of India during the freedom struggle. They didn’t want people to go out there and demand freedom. That is literally the origin of censorship in India. So I don’t understand why these laws still exist and why do we have to bear the burden of our colonial past even now. I believe in certification,” she said.

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She added, “Yes, there is content that children shouldn’t watch. It’s only meant for adults. It’s terrible that censorship is happening in our country and of course, it is politicised. It is a bad sign for democracy because you don’t know what you’ll say that will hurt someone. In the last six months, every other week there is a new controversy where people are trying to ban content. That is such a terrible sign for us as a modern society. We also become too petty as a society. One of the biggest conditions for good art and creativity to flourish is the freedom and safety of your thoughts and expressions” she shared.

In her work front, Swara has many projects like ‘Janhit me jaari’, ‘Nikamma’ and ‘Ardh’ in her kettle.


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