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The Voice participant Sudhir Yaduvanshi shares his journey as an independent artist

Sudhir Yaduvanshi was a part of singing reality shows like The Voice. He recently worked on a solo song titled Mangda Main Mannat.

Singer Sudhir Yaduvanshi, who was seen in Voice of India, is now an independent artist who has worked on jingles for political parties and performed on government shows. As far as reality shows are concerned, he has been in the top 100 shows like Sa Re Ga Ma Pa and Rockstar.

Talking about his journey, Sudhir says, “Having no musical background, my exposure to music was just confined to a hobby until my teenage years. A point came in my life where I had to let go of the thing I was working for tirelessly at that point. After being hopeless, I decided to go with the flow. Fortunately, I won an inter-college singing competition after that. It was an unexpected win. Some of my professors encouraged me to pursue my career in singing because they believed I had the potential to excel at singing. I took their advice and started attending workshops to get clarity and a fresh start in my music career. After clearing up my basic knowledge of classical singing, I shifted to folk singing. I wanted to keep my training in classical singing as learning and make my identity in other forms of singing.”

Adding to the same, he says, “Having gained some knowledge about music, I tried my hands on some reality shows. I was a part of singing reality shows like The Voice. I have been in the top 100 in Sa Re Ga Ma Pa and other shows like Rockstar. I have worked on a solo song for the Punjab industry i.e. Mangda Main Mannat”. Apart from singing in reality shows, I have also worked on jingles for political parties and also for some brands.”

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On being asked about the current scenario of the music industry, Sudhir says, “The pandemic has taken a toll on everyone, especially independent artists. All of their night shows are being disrupted due to curfews and restrictions. The pandemic has hampered the source of income of many artists so much so that some of them are quitting their singing profession while others are looking for parallel works for the time being. Nonetheless, the number of covid cases are shrinking and people are getting back to normalcy while keeping all the restrictions and precautions in mind and hopefully all the artists can go back to following their profession.”

Lastly, he shares some details about his current ongoing projects and says, “The pandemic has helped me in carving out some time to work on my own music and make my craft better. I am working on 2-3 songs of my own. Because of the pandemic, we couldn’t release it. It will be released when the situation goes back to a bit of normalcy.”

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