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Exclusive: Shlokka Pandit On 7 Years Of Struggle Before Debut Film Hello Charlie

Lehren's exclusive with actor Shlokka Pandit who made her big Bollywood debut this year with the film 'Hello Charlie'. She talks about her 7 years of struggle, beauty routine and the kind of work she aspires to do.

Actor Shlokka Pandit made her big Bollywood debut this year with the Hindi film ‘Hello Charlie’ alongside Jackie Shroff and Aadar Jain. Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

Tell us about your struggle in the Bollywood industry before you made your debut with Hello Charlie.

It’s been a 7-year struggle. I started auditioning when I was 18 or 19 but nothing really worked out. So, I worked as an assistant in a casting office. I worked as Assistant Director as well. Basically, I did all the jobs possible that one needs to do to get into the Bollywood industry. And that teaches you a lot.

Nothing was working out for me. But I never gave up. I was supposed to go abroad for further studies. But I gave up that opportunity to train myself for dancing, acting etc because I was very clear that I wanted to be an actor.

How things have changed for you after Hello Charlie?

Things have changed a lot. Unfortunately, the impact hasn’t been great because of the lockdown. But I am grateful that even during the pandemic, I got launched in a film and it can be watched online around the world. So, that is the biggest advantage we had. Had there been a theatrical release, the viewership would have been very limited. But with the release on OTT, people know who I am. The response has been great. People have been very warm and welcoming.

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Were you satisfied with your performance in the film?

I don’t think any actor can be satisfied. We always want to do better and keep improving our skills. I have people around me who guide me and how I can do better So, I take everyone’s opinion and try to do better.

Did you feel nervous or intimidated while working with Jackie Shroff?

Honestly, I didn’t have many scenes with him. I only shot the climax with him. He is a sweetheart. He makes you feel like you are his own child. He is so good to everybody. He never throws his stardom in your face. In fact, he is very warm, welcoming and encouraging. It was a great experience and I never felt that I was working with a megastar.

Have you signed any other project?

Not yet! I have been offered a lot of work but now I have to pick carefully. I want to do something different from my character in Hello Charlie.

Do you want to do films or web series?

Both. As long as the content and the director is great, I will pick anything.

What kind of roles attract you the most?

Anything that is difficult and challenging. It could be playing a villain, a killer’s role or anything that challenges me as an actor.

Are you dating someone?

Can you find me someone? (laughs). I will be very happy if someone can find me a partner.

No, I am not seeing anybody at the moment but I love being in love. There is no better feeling than that. Hopefully I will find someone. Because I believe in relationships and not casual flings.

What are your beauty hacks?

I have one beauty hack which I want everyone to know. I want to say, please ice your face. You must have seen Katrina Kaif do that. It works for your face, for your puffiness and pores. It tightens your skin.

Also, girls, please use sunscreen. It is very important. People take it casually. But your lines and wrinkles will begin to show after 25.

And obviously, maintain a good and balanced diet. Have green juices, soups and drink as much water as you can. Also, one should consult a dermatologist because we can’t self-diagnose. we have this habit to put everything on our face that we find in our kitchen. I am not saying that it doesn’t work. But you don’t know how your skin will react to certain things. A doctor can guide you better instead of picking up products and applying them to your face.

Are you a gym person or a yoga person?

I am a no-activity person (laughs). I am a couch potato. Though I love playing sports. Tennis is my favorite sport to play. I am obsessed with Sania Mirza. But I don’t mind doing cardio and yoga.

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