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Salman Khan’s Ex-Girlfriend Is Making Her Acting Comeback? 

Bollywood's superstar Salman Khan's this ex girlfriend has opened up about making a comeback in entertainment industry.

Salman Khan’s ex-girlfriend Somy Ali has made her comeback after a long period of time. She made a dashing comeback with the docu series Fight or Flight vigil to save domestic abuse victims and rescue sex trafficking survivors.

Speaking about facing the camera after 22 years the actress said, “I faced the camera after 22 years, but it felt different than acting in a Hindi film as I had the liberty to be me, just literally be Somy Ali.”

She also revealed about returning back for acting, “I am keen on directing as my educational background is in psychology, broadcast journalism and film. Additionally, I have been wanting to direct a script that I have been working on for three years and I am unsure if there is an actor and actress that would be willing to get involved in the subject as it’s quite controversial, but extremely timely.”

She went on to say, “It felt a little weird at first because I am used to working alone, except when I rescue victims with the police or in sex trafficking the FBI agents. But after a week of shooting Fight Or Flight, it felt like the crew was not even there and I went along my day as usual.”

Somy Ali’s show is currently airing on an international OTT platform and talking about the response she said, “The OTT boom has opened doors for actors and filmmakers to be bold because back in the day they were unable to do so. The entire system of storytelling has evolved into something unique where actors are uninhibited and so are filmmakers. This is the right time for intellectual artists and makers to come out and display their work.”

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