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Rina Spills About Not Wanting Her Songs With 100 Million Views

Bollywood singer and independent music artist Rina Charaniya also known as Rii, spills about not wanting 100 million views on her songs.

In today’s times, when each singer is getting obsessed with likes, hit and views on Youtube, Bollywood singer Rina spills about not wanting her songs with 100 million views.

During the ace singer’s recent interview, explaining about wanting a heart to heart connection with fans and audiences who genuinely appreciate good music, Rina spills about not wanting her songs with 100 million views.

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Rina Charaniya who has sung hit songs like Phir Mulaqaat (Why Cheat India, 2019), Judaa, and Aaja is looking for a real connection with her audiences. During her interview, she asserted, “As a singer, I don’t want my songs to have 100 million views, I want people to listen to it and connect with it. For me, music should be evergreen, like 90s music, which you can hear anytime”.

She also further spilled beans about how making music is not a business for her but she wants her music to have a long lasting impact and impression on audiences and on this point she said, “These days people are making a lot of music, but there are very few songs which leave a lasting impression on the audience, and I want to make that kind of music, even if it is not forever, then at least 10 years or so. So I make fewer songs because I take up projects personally. And it’s never been a business for me, it’s my passion and I need to first connect with the music to take it up”.

Rii who works as an independent artist immensely thanked T Series for releasing her first music single and also revealed that making money has never been the first priority. Elucidating on the same, she said, “I always had a YouTube channel, I wanted to keep it multi-purpose for posting my Vlogs, etc., and also release my songs, because when you start it’s difficult to get a label to release your song. However, I was lucky that T-Series released my first song. Then I thought instead of going places I should maybe have my label and release my songs under it, have people connect with it, and if while doing so I make some profits too then what’s wrong in that”.

Furthermore she also added this bit before signing off in the parting note of her interview and told, “That’s secondary for me, my first priority is to connect with my audience and make them love my songs. I am still ok with working with labels because they have a certain reach, so if a label wants me to work for them or do a song for them in a movie, I will never say no to it. I always believe that if you are putting your hard work into something, if you are creating something, then you protect it and take care of it, and that’s why I became an independent artist”.

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