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Why Cheat India: Singer Rina Spills Details About Struggle In Bollywood

Singer Rina Charaniya also known as Rii, who got the fame and recognition through her song Phir Mulaqaat from Emraan Hashmi's film Why Cheat India, spills details about her struggle in Bollywood

Best known for her mellifluous voice in the song Phir Mulaqaat from Emraan Hashmi’s hit film Why Cheat India (2019) which was the official debut of stunning Shreya Dhanwantary in Bollywood, during a recent interview, Why Cheat India singer Rina spills details about struggle in Bollywood.

The newbie bollywood singer during her latest interview, Why Cheat India singer Rina spills details about struggle in Bollywood.

Being totally honest about her journey till now, Why Cheat India singer Rina spills details about struggle in Bollywood in a recent interview.

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Singer Rina Charaniya, also known as Rii, has undergone a long struggle to reach the position she enjoys today. Growing up in a middle-class family in Gujarat, Rii who is best known for her songs such as Phir Mulaqaat, Judaa and Aaja, confessed about going through a long struggle before she finally got a break in the industry.

She said, “Coming from such background, it was very challenging to make my place in the glamour industry”.

Elucidating about her struggle, she said that originally she came in Mumbai to become an actor but looked like her destiny had some other plans for her. She told, “It took me years of constant hustle to find my place in this city. I came here with a dream to become an actor but it wasn’t so easy for me since I was a Gujarati medium student. A lot of people made fun of my Hindi because my accent was Gujarati. I used to get rejected in all the auditions because of my language barriers and this went on and on for over three years. It was quite frustrating but also exciting at the same time as I was hopeful of finding good work”.

She never gave up and kept on working. Explaining the same she said, “Meanwhile, I had learned a lot and improved my vocabulary, communication skills and proper pronunciation.  I had never stopped giving auditions though”. She also added this bit, “I’ve been part of a few films, TVCs and brand shoots. But with time, I realised that my heart wanted to sing beautiful songs.”

After realizing about her talent of singing, she worked on the same. She said, “I used to watch a lot of music videos on YouTube and sing along. I haven’t taken any training for singing. It’s a god-gifted talent and I just express my feelings when I record a song. I do a little bit of daily practice and that makes it easier for me to understand the technical part of singing”.

However, making a place in the singing industry was never easy for her. Throwing more light on same she said, “Nobody ever gave me a break in as a singer too.  I gave myself a chance. I am an independent artist from the beginning of my singing career.  I self-produced my first song Judaa, in 2017. The video was directed by Pav Dharia, he’s a singer as well. As a music video director, his song Naja was the first Punjabi song to hit 100 million. I wanted to work with the best from the beginning and so I got him on board. He came to India from Canada and we shot the music video”.

Gradually and steadily she started paving her way into this industry and also started getting opportunities for the same. She said, “Later, I approached T series and met Bhushan Kumar ji at T series office. He released my song on the T series main channel. That was a big moment for me because most of the singers don’t get such a chance right at the beginning of their careers. I’m still grateful To T series for that song release”.

However she still had to face many challenges in her musical career. She said, “At the beginning of 2018, I had a huge song planned with the title Phir Mulaqaat, featuring Punjabi singer-actor Parmish Verma. The situation went a bit crazy for him and we had to wait for six months to finish song shoot. By September, when I was all set to release the song with a music label called Desi Music Factory, something awful happened from the lyricist’s end and I had to give up on single release. The song later became part of the film Why Cheat India featuring Emraan Hashmi”.

She explaining the same on a parting note also quipped, “I have my female version in the film and T series released my single as well. They have always stood by me and I am so grateful for that”.

When she was asked about what her favorite genre of singing is, she says, “I love singing sad songs. I feel sad songs are very Romantic. But I listen to hip hop, EDM, trap and super cheesy Bollywood music when I’m in a fun mood. I’m a huge fan of Arijit Singh. His voice inspires me. I also listen to 90s songs, there are so many amazing singers from that era. In Hollywood, I love listening to Adele”.

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