Raveena Tandon Blasts Women Editors Of 90s For Giving Pet Names: ‘I Was Called Amazonian And Miss Arrogant’

During The Interview, Raveena Revealed How Women Editors, Who Often Portrayed Themselves As Feminists And Champions Of Liberation.

In an exclusive interview with Lehren Retro, Raveena Tandon didn’t mince words when discussing the state of media in the 1990s, highlighting the prevalence of yellow journalism during that era. The actress shed light on the lack of scruples, morals, and integrity within the industry, particularly among some women editors.

During the interview, Raveena revealed how women editors, who often portrayed themselves as feminists and champions of liberation, were guilty of engaging in practices like slut-shaming, body-shaming, and name-calling. She stated, “I had the worst articles written about me. You see, some of those women editors who play the feminist card and play the ‘I am so liberated’ card, the fact being that they slut-shame, they body-shame, they called you names. There were pet names given to everyone. The more scandalous the story, the worse they would write.”

These derogatory names were used to demean actresses, and Raveena herself was subjected to such treatment, being labeled as “Amazonian,” “Thunderthighs,” “Miss Arrogant,” and “Miss High and Mighty.”

Raveena went on to emphasize how editors of that time held significant power and influence, often aligning themselves with particular camps and heroes. This resulted in biased reporting where the truth took a backseat to personal agendas. She noted, “We were just at their mercy, and even if they had to print an apology, it would be a minute line somewhere on the page that nobody would read, and they would say we did print an apology.”

Raveena Tandon’s candid remarks shed light on the challenges and injustices faced by actresses in the entertainment industry during an era when sensationalism and tabloid journalism ran rampant. Her revelations underscore the importance of responsible and ethical reporting in the media.

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