When Kapil Dev’s Relative Became Uncomfortable After Meeting Ranjeet

Veteran actor Ranjeet shares how his casual hug made Kapil Dev's sister-in-law uncomfortable.

It is always exciting to meet a public figure. People generally look forward to such opportunities and seal the moment by taking selfies and autographs. However, veteran actor Ranjeet recently opened up about a few moments when people felt uncomfortable and awkward when they met him.

In a heart-to-heart conversation with senior journalist Bharathi S Pradhan, Ranjeet recalled how his casual hug made Kapil Dev’s sister-in-law uncomfortable. Ranjeet, who shares a good bond with former cricketer Kapil Dev, told, “Kapil Dev’s sister-in-law had come for some medical treatment. So, I have a habit of shaking hands and giving a side hug. So, she got a little uncomfortable. Kapil Dev then said to her, “Ye vaisa nahi hai jaisa tu samajhti hai”.”

Ranjeet then also revealed that people judged him when he used to go out with his young daughter Divyanka Bedi. He said, Once, a very interesting thing happened with me in Delhi. My daughter, Gigi, was doing fashion designing internship with popular fashion designer Manish Arora. As a father, I was scared to leave my beautiful, young and tall daughter in Delhi all alone. So, I used to go to Delhi every weekend. So that people should know that I am there and she is my daughter. So, she would take me out for dinner every night. So, most of the times, what happened, I used to walk in with her arm-in-arm. With high heels, she looks taller than me. So, people used to give me dirty looks, saying, “Buddha ho gaya hai, abi tak jawan ladkiyon ko leke ghoomta hai. Sharam nahi aati.”

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