Rakhi Sawant Gets Job Offer From Sri Lanka, Says, “Modi Ji Will Save Me If…”

Watch Rakhi Sawant's hilarious media interaction as she says, "Modi Ji will have to give India's entire wealth to Sri Lanka to save me."

Rakhi Sawant was spotted by the paparazzi outside a gym in Andheri. While interacting with the shutterbugs, she revealed that she has received an offer from a casino in Colombo but she is scared to accept it due to the civil unrest in the country.

Rakhi said, “I have just received an offer from Bally’s Casino in Colombo, Sri Lanka. But right now, Sri Lankan Prime Minister has fled the country. There are riots happening within the country. I am so scared and I am wondering whether I should go or not. There’s an economic war happening in Sri Lanka. What if they keep me hostage and demand something from Modi Ji? Modi Ji will have to give India’s entire wealth to Sri Lanka. Modi Ji can do anything for me. I am the Kohinoor diamond of India. Am I not?”

Rakhi was then asked to react to the reports of Salman Khan raising his remuneration to host Bigg Boss 16. She said, “Bigg Boss is the No. 1 show and it works only because of Salman Khan. The contestants fear only Salman Khan. If there is any other anchor, the contestants won’t be frightened. Even I am scared of him. So, even if he asks 10 times more remuneration, it would be less.”

When asked if she would participate in Bigg Boss 16 with her boyfriend Adil Khan, Rakhi said, “Why not? If Salman Khan calls me and and Adil, then why won’t we go?”

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