OG Director Of ‘Mulshi Pattern’ Pravin Tarde Lashes Out At Salman Khan For Turning ‘Antim: The Final Truth’ Into A Mess

Pravin Tarde Revealed That After Salman Khan Watched 'Mulshi Pattern', He Praised It Highly. However, Tarde Criticized Khan For Not Living Up To That Praise In The Remake

The original director of the Marathi super hit movie ‘Mulshi Pattern’, Pravin Tarde, has criticized Bollywood superstar Salman Khan for creating a disappointing film like ‘Antim: The Final Truth’.

In an interview with Bol Bhidu, Pravin Tarde expressed, “After watching ‘Mulshi Pattern’, Salman was praising it, saying, ‘What a film, what a film, what a film.’ But when he remade ‘Mulshi Pattern’, he messed it up… Mahesh sir directed it while I had no involvement with that film. However, I want to publicly state that I haven’t yet seen the film ‘Antim’; I’m not daring enough to watch it because my heart and mind are solely focused on ‘Mulshi Pattern’. People have told me that ‘Mulshi Pattern’ is the superior film.”

In the same conversation, actor Upendra Limaye, who appeared in both ‘Mulshi Pattern’ and ‘Antim: The Final Truth’, added, “No doubt about it. I’ve worked in both films. The authenticity Tarde brought from the very soil of Mulshi was lost in the name of refinement. If they had remade it as-is, it would have still resonated.”

Regarding ‘Antim’, it was a Hindi remake of ‘Mulshi Pattern’, featuring Aayush Sharma in the lead role and released in 2021. Unfortunately, it didn’t perform well at the box office.

This isn’t the first time Salman has faced criticism for altering a film; a similar incident occurred with ‘Race 3’ where he changed the entire script of the movie.

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