Poonam Pandey Gives Honest Reaction On Dhanush-Aishwaryaa Divorce

Poonam Pandey, who ended her marriage last year, has now reacted to the news of Dhanush and Aishwaryaa Rajnikanth's divorce.

The news of Dhanush and Aishwaryaa’s divorce has come as a big shock and people have started to question if marriages are actually fragile these days. The celebrity couple ended their 18 years of marriage and announced the same on Jan 17, 2022.

Reacting to this, actress Poonam Pandey said, “Marriage is not everyone’s cup of tea. You gotta understand your partner before getting into this big deal. Because it gets bad for both people, not just one.”

The reporter then quoted Ram Gopal Varma’s tweet on marriages. The filmmaker had written, “Smart people love and dumbos marry”

Reacting to this, Poonam said, “I was definitely dumb (laughs) but then I got smart.”

For the unaware, Poonam Pandey separated from her husband after a few months of marriage. The actress married her boyfriend Sam Bombay on Sep 1, 2020. Soon after their honeymoon in Goa, Poonam’s husband was arrested after she filed a case of domestic violence against him. However, she decided to give him a second chance. But a few months later she was hospitalised after sustaining injuries from assault by her husband. And that’s when she decided to end her toxic marriage.

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