OMG 2 Teaser Is Out, Check It Out Here; Netizens Are Upset With Akshay, ‘Pankaj Tripathi Jab Takk Bola Sab Sahi Tha”, Says A User

Social Media Users Express Dissatisfaction With OMG 2 Teaser, Criticise Akshay Kumar's Dialogue Delivery

The makers of Akshay Kumar’s upcoming movie, OMG 2, have released the teaser, and this time the actor is back with the role of Lord Shiva. However, what looks more promising is Pankaj Tripathi, who is playing his devotee.

Speaking about the teaser, Akshay Kumar goes shirtless with dreadlocks and ash smeared on his forehead for the role. The first part of OMG revolved around an atheist portrayed by Paresh Rawal, and this time Pankaj Tripathi plays a devotee in OMG 2.

The teaser begins with a mention of Paresh’s story in the first installment and goes on to show how Pankaj Tripathi’s character, Kanti Sharan Mudgal, worships Lord Shiva with utmost dedication. It also provides glimpses of how his family suffers a tragedy, including a scene of a child dying by suicide under a train.

Although there is no glimpse of Yami Gautam, who portrays the role of a lawyer in the movie, the film is directed by Amit Rai and is set to release in theaters on August 11.

However, it seems that netizens are not happy with the teaser and are criticizing Akshay. Here are some reactions:

“This is drainage water that comes out after flowing from the toilet flushes of all the trains, and apparently, you, who are playing ‘Shiva’ in the movie, are taking a bath here. When will you stop hurting our sentiments?”

“2 crore opening, but the masala you provide won’t sustain in the long run. Go to Canada.”

“When Pankaj Tripathi was speaking, everything was fine. But as soon as Akki’s entry happened, the atmosphere turned cold.”

“The guy from Housefull, who had a promiscuous image, can’t leave it behind. #omg2teaser”

Please note that the provided reactions are quoted directly from the text.

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