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Netizens Literally Slammed Eros Now As #BoycottErosNow Trends

Because of the few controversial posts by Eros Now, Netizens literally slammed Eros Now as #BoycottErosNow trends on Twitter.

Honestly speaking, frankly nowadays the social media is becoming an increasingly trickier and dangerous pace with every passing day as any day we get to see actors bashing each other of fans trending unitedly for boycotting films, social media war of words, trolls trolling actors and what not but now it’s a very shameful thing for such a reputed film production house label like Eros Now to be sharing rage stirring and controversy provoking Navratri posts on Twitter and later they had to face the ire and anger from everyone and more importantly here the Netizens literally slammed Eros Now as #BoycottErosNow trends.

If we think about it carefully here, then the social media especially twitter is not only becoming a powerful tool and weapon but also a place for social media wars where fans and trolls make trends to express their rage and anger for any actor’s film or anything that feels wrong to them and then those hashtags get on the trending lists all day on the app. One wrongly put picture or post depicting any actor that is shared by any reputed media house label is enough to get you trolled or insulted on social media especially on Twitter and similar experience had to be felt by Eros Now when the Netizens literally slammed Eros Now as #BoycottErosNow trends.

This all started when Eros Now official twitter handle put out a post on Twitter which had an image of ace actress Katrina Kaif but the caption was very wrong and ire stirring which read, “Do you want to put the ‘ratri’ in my Navratri?” and also similar types of posts featuring the stellar actors Salman Khan and Ranveer Singh were also displayed and shared by Eros Now. Because of these three main controversial posts by the music label and film production company on Twitter, there soon was a huge trolling, slamming and mocking of Eros Now that was being done collectively by everyone but most importantly they were not spared since the Netizens literally slammed Eros Now as #BoycottErosNow trends.

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These are some of the tweets expressing the Netizens anger for the same –

Source: Arnab Goswami Twitter. He has also slammed Eros Now for same.
Source: Seema Tripathi Twitter. She has also trolled Eros Now for such shameful posts.
Source: Ramesh Solanki Twitter. He has also brutally criticized Eros Now.

Here we can see that not only the netizens but even Bollywood industry’s woman of substance and quintessential fashionista Kangana Ranaut has also bashed and slammed Eros Now for such shameful and cheap posts that too in the auspicious occasion and festival days of Navratri and expressing her anger and disappointment on the same she took to her official twitter handle and wrote a series of tweets where in the first tweet read, “We must preserve cinema as a community viewing theatre experience,its more difficult to enthrall large section of audience than sexualise content for personal viewing, digitisation of art faces this major crisis, all streaming platforms are nothing but a porn hub. SHAME @ErosNow”.

Source: Kangana Ranaut Twitter. She expressed her displeasure in a series of tweets.

In the series further she wrote another tweet which read, “Even on international streaming platforms the nature of the content is sensational we need to manufacture overtly sexual, deeply gruesome brutal, violent content, essentially to arouse the viewer’s sexual appetite, very difficult to get any other content cleared by their teams”.

Source: Kangana Ranaut Twitter. She stressed on the need to tone down the sexual content.

Going further she wrote another tweet which read, “And it’s not streaming platforms fault when you wear headphones and watch content in your personal space all you need is instant gratification, it’s important to watch the movies with entire family, children, neighbors basically it must be a community experience.”

Source: Kangana Ranaut Twitter. She urged on the importance of not putting such content on social media.

Explaining the importance of community viewing is also pivotal she wrote another tweet in the series which read, “Community viewing enhances our awareness when we know someone is watching what we watching we want to be who we want them to think we are, we make conscious choices, censorship of what we feed our brains n emotions is very important and censor can be our own conscience as well”.

Source: Kangana Ranaut Twitter. She expressed the key need of community viewing in this tweet.

After facing such slamming and trolling not just by netizens and fans but also bollywood actress, Eros Now later also apologized to everyone through their tweet and also took down the offensive posts where they wrote, “to all those concerned, We at Eros love and respect our cultures equally, it is not, and it has never been our intention to hurt anyone’s emotions. We have deleted the concerned posts and we apologize for having offended anybody’s sentiments. Thanking you, Team Eros Now”.

Source: Eros Now Twitter. Eros Now apologized to everyone and took down the offensive posts.

What is your comeback on the same? Do let us know.

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