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Lawyer Saveena Bedi On Women Empowerment, Crisis And Much More

In a recent interview on International Womens Day, renowned B town lawyer and advocate Saveena Bedi Sachar speaks about women empowerment, crisis and much more.

On the occasion of international women’s day today, in a recent interview, well renowned lawyer Saveena Bedi on women’s empowerment, crisis and much more.

Making this international women’s day even more special, in a latest interview chat, lawyer Saveena Bedi on women’s empowerment, crisis and much more.

Speaking about the need for women to feel more safe and equal in this society now, lawyer Saveena Bedi on women’s empowerment, crisis and much more.

In a latest interview, B town’s well renowned lawyer Saveena Bedi on women’s empowerment, crisis and much more.

This is true that whilst every other country is trying to become progressive and more modern in its outlook and mindset but yes there is still a major need for creating awareness about gender equality for both men and women and its mainly due to due to the blatant disrespect, domestic violence, sexual harassment, marital rape and various other offences that women have had to face over the years and explaining about the same, renowned lawyer Saveena Bedi on women’s empowerment, crisis and much more.

Speaking about this, its also important to note that in recent off late a flurry of cases brought about by several women celebrities, before the Hon’ble Bombay High Court have specially laid emphasis on protecting the reputation, personal dignity and privacy and the effects and trauma caused to victims due to defamatory posts on social media and setting a precedent against objectifying women and explaining much on this, renowned lawyer Saveena Bedi on women’s empowerment, crisis and much more.

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Talking about the recent Bollywood celebrity cases that were in the highlight and grabbed attention of netizens was the Sakshi Malik v/s Venkateshwara productions case, wherein the Plaintiff’s lawyer Advocate Saveena Bedi Sachar of Lawhive Associates brought it to the notice of the Court that her photograph was used in a Film ‘V’ featuring on Amazon Prime in a shameful manner portraying her as a commercial sex worker, without her consent where Ms. Malik’s advocate in court stated that, “Ms. Malik is, he says, perhaps only the latest, and sadly and almost certainly not the last, of a long list of women who have constantly been objectified. They have been taken for granted wherein their reputation, standing, personal dignity and privacy have all been considered in the most misogynistic and patriarchal manner as counting for precisely nothing. This has to stop someday, and there is no way to do this but to send a signal to the wrongdoers that they cannot escape the consequences of so egregious an action with a mere slap on the wrist, or the deletion of this or that offending portion”.

While gender disparity does play a vital role, it goes without saying that there have been instances wherein women have defamed their female counterparts or colleagues, belittled them or accused them of vile, hurtful things for their own selfish reasons. Recently, ace film actress Richa Chadha suffered from the same when she was brutally defamed by another actress named Payal Ghosh in the much talked about and highly publicized matter of Richa Chadha vs. Payal Ghosh, the court whilst passing an order in favor of the well known actress Ms. Richa Chadha clearly mentioned and stated about how Ms. Ghosh shall tender an unconditional apology to Ms. Richa Chadha and not only restrained the Defendants from publishing any defamatory material against the Plaintiff and also grated a John Doe order which is a fictitious name used in legal proceeding to designate a person whose identity is unknown and who are not a party to the case have to delete the defamatory posts against Ms. Richa Chadha.

The Hon’ble Justice A.K. Menon of Hon’ble High Court stated that the references made to Ms. Richa Chadha are untrue apart from being indecent and offensive and lower her dignity in the eyes of the right thinking members of the society.

Today the social media has given unconditional freedom to people to express their thoughts and opinions but at the same time troll and tarnish reputation of people by peddling false narratives, which is considered as the most potent weapon in world today and then recently itself popular actress Amyra Dastur also fell a victim of the same and was constantly defamed and trolled on social media post which she took a bold step of legal action in the case of Amyra Dastur Vs. Luviena Lodh, wherein an order of injunction was passed against the Mrs. Lodh from publishing, circulating or communication to public any defamatory/slanderous/libelous comments against the Amyra.

Its admirable to see the right and bold stand that these B town celebs took against injustice. When questioned to the Adv. Saveena Bedi Sachar (Lawhive Associates) being the advocate of Sakshi Malik, Richa Chadha and Amyra Dastur and here’s what she had to say, “It is imperative for women to take the lead and address the issues faced by women and choose to challenge the same and also, encourage each other in their quest for justice ad ensure that their dignity is maintained. It is becoming a trend to latch on to famous personalities and create controversies just to make headlines and make themselves famous and this has to stop. It is also equally important to be borne in mind that empowering women or feminism doesn’t necessarily mean to prove women superior then men but to make sure that women and men are at an equal pedestal and be granted equal opportunities with equal remuneration”.

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