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Is Madam Chief Minister Based On Former UP CM Mayawati’s Life !

Before this film hits the theatres in all across India on 22nd January 2021, after watching the trailer we feel that is the film Madam Chief Minister kind of inspired and based on former UP CM's Mayawati's life.

Just a few days ago the poster of much awaited Madam Chief Minister had been released by the makers which got thumbs up from critics, B town and fans for Richa looking so strong and powerful in the poster. Now the film’s trailer has also been released from which we can only feel that is Madam Chief Minister based on former UP CM Mayawati’s life.

In the 3 minutes long trailer of the film which leaves us intrigued and curious to know more, we saw many instances which is making us think that is Madam Chief Minister based on former UP CM Mayawati’s life.

A Dalit politician who is taken under the wings of a powerful and influential person slowly paves her own way beating all the odds and adversities and ends up to become the Chief Minister. This plot line surely sounds familiar to many of us as it is former UP CM Mayawati’s life story. But this is not enough to claim that we are saying a wrong thing. When did Vidya look like Shakuntala Devi and does Kangana even look similar to Jayalalithaa. Coming to the movie’s trailer, it’s making the film aficionados and fans mull that is Madam Chief Minister based on former UP CM Mayawati’s life.

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Ace film maker Subhash Kapoor who has been missing from the celluloid from past many years is best remembered for his satirical take on Indian judicial system with the surprise hit of 2013 Jolly LLB. In Madam Chief Minister, he seems to have taken the gist of the entire story and sprinkled it with a perfect amalgamation of fiction and reality. Even the boyish type of hairdo on Richa seems familiar to what Mayawati usually sported as a politician.

Therefore, Madam Chief Minister (Richa) has a husband (Manav Kaul) who is provoked to have a face off and one on one with his wife’s rival and archenemy nemesis played to perfection by Akshay Oberoi.

Akshay with his innocent and charming boy next door kind of looks anything but a total trigger happy politician but has more deviousness and is very much like a cunning conniving fox which is exactly the old adage of looks can often be deceptive working in the film’s advantage and favour this time around.

Also, the film trailer of Madam Chief Minister has given us loads of clues and highlights leading us to the gist of it being a strongly written and brilliantly well directed cinematic treat of a powerful political story majorly revolving around a woman who makes her own path to secure the state’s highest seat, which is of being the entire state’s Chief Minister. We see her going through three important phases in life through the trailer, which is from the groom (Manav) to broom (seen on the movie official poster) to bang (clearly showing the bloodbath and play of guns in the end).

Madam Chief Minister primarily focuses on the story of an untouchable girl who makes it big in life even after being so which didn’t stop her and she made it her power instead of a weakness. The film also features actors Saurabh Shukla, Akshay Oberoi and Shubhrajyoti in pivotal roles. The entire setting of the film is in Uttar Pradesh and earlier was slated to release on 17th July 2020, but got pushed further and delayed due to the COVID 19 pandemic and now would be releasing in theatres on 22nd January 2021.

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