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“KRK Molested His Cousin,” Claims Actor Ali Quli Mirza

Actor and singer Ali Quli Mirza has made serious accusations against actor turned critic Kamaal R Khan (KRK). Ali participated in the reality show Bigg Boss and was recently seen playing the role of Shekhu in ‘Mirzapur’.

After KRK targeted Ali in one of his videos, the actor hit back at him and accused him of molesting his own cousin. Ali Quli said, “KRK said in his video that I used to visit his home and it is true because he used to invite me for parties at his home. When I went there, I met a girl named Naaz and became good friends with her. We began talking and going out. And one day, she told me that KRK is her cousin. I was so shocked. KRK had brainwashed that girl and used to live with her in a live-in relationship. He promised her that he would help her become an actress. He gave her a fake hope and said that he rules Bollywood.”

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“KRK even sent his wife and kids to Dubai so that he could live with this girl in Mumbai. I have pictures and video proofs of him and Naaz and I can show them to the world. But I am not like him. It is not my upbringing to bring others down. He criticizes people who have worked hard for 30-40 years. And there he is, who did one C-grade film called Deshdrohi and became a self-proclaimed critic. I feel sorry for him. I hope he gets well soon,” he further added.

Ali also revealed, “He has now sent Naaz out of India. I know all about it. KRK has molested so many girls half his age. He has made his home a party pad.”

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Earlier, singer Mika Singh and actor Rohit Choudhary exposed KRK in front of the media.

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