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Rohit Choudhary’s Explosive Interview On KRK Vs Salman Khan Case

Lehren's exclusive interview with actor and businessman Rohit Choudhary on KRK vs Salman Khan case.

Actor and businessman Rohit Choudhary brutally bashes Kamaal R Khan (KRK) after his legal feud with actor Salman Khan. Salman Khan has filed a defamation case against KRK. Rohit also mentions his legal battle with KRK that began in 2020.

Here’s an excerpt from our interview with Rohit Choudhary.

KRK is hitting the headlines after his review on Radhe and Salman Khan’s defamation case on him. Which side are you on?

There’s no question about taking sides. I don’t think that anybody in the world would take KRK’s side. I am definitely on Salman Khan’s side. He is a big superstar. But right now, it is not about stardom but dignity. The kind of language KRK used and how he bad mouthed Salman’s NGO (Being Human) that works for the society, that is the real problem. He targeted him personally by commenting on his age and body. If you are a critic, you can criticize a film, but you should not make personal comments on him, his family and his NGO. That was very wrong.

You also have a legal controversy with KRK. Tell us more about it.

He came to me a long time ago regarding his property in Delhi. He wanted to sell the property as he wanted money to make a movie or something. He had come with the reference of Mika Singh. KRK requested me many times to help him out. One day, he fell to my feet saying that it is an emergency. I told him that I have no interest in your property.

I talked to Mika and discussed if I should do business with KRK as everyone knows how he is! But Mika Singh gave me a green signal saying that I should make the deal but only after checking all the documents.

There were two floors in that property. One was in his name and the other one was in his brother’s name. But I came to know that he had forged the signatures of his brother and took the other floor into his name as well. I asked him that he should bring his brother as a witness during the possession so that there would be no confusion. He agreed initially and we gave him an advance.

But when the day of possession came, his brother didn’t show up. I then told him that I wouldn’t pay for his brother’s floor until I meet him. After a long argument, he agreed to make a deal of one floor only. When we asked for the documents, he asked for the money first. We had the money, we showed it to him and even counted it in front of him. He said that he would take away the money and then bring the documents. But that’s not how things work. After a long argument, he agreed and the deal was closed. This happened on Feb 28.

On 31 July, he put up a tweet posting a picture of me and my brother and called us ‘goons’ and ‘property mafia’. He mentioned the details of the property he sold to us and claimed that we are trying to snatch it from him at half rates. He also claimed that he fears his life from us.

When I saw the tweet, I replied to him that his allegations are wrong and that he should delete it and apologize for the same, otherwise I would take a legal action against him.

Delhi Police called me and I showed them all the documents. They gave me a green chit.

But KRK neither deleted his tweet nor apologized and therefore, I talked to my lawyer and sent him a legal notice to apologize. But he didn’t apologize. And then, I filed a defamation case of Rs 1 crore against him and paid Rs 1 lakh stamp duty in court. There wasn’t Covid at that time but he never appeared for court hearings. But when the pandemic began, he made excuses that he is in Dubai and that he can’t travel due to a ban on international flights. Covid is the only reason why he is safe. Otherwise, he would have been behind the bars a long time ago.

He always talks badly about people from the industry. Be it Salman Khan, Ajay Devgn, Sonakshi Sinha or Shahrukh Khan, you know what kind of language he uses for everyone. Initially, he used to be very abusive, but now he makes personal attacks. I am happy that Salman Khan has taken an action against him. People in the industry always ignored him but now his time has come and he has been hiding in Dubai for more than 1.5 years.

I support Salman Khan and I also feel motivated seeing that people from the industry are now coming forward. Mika Singh has given many interesting statements against KRK.

KRK calls Mika ‘Lukkha Singh’. Mika is a big singer and KRK is ‘Lukkha’. In 10 years, he never made his social media accounts private, but now he is scared and has made it private.

He feels for Sushant Singh Rajput now, but I have screenshots of his tweets in which he called Sushant a C-grade actor and said that he should go back to the TV industry. People like KRK are the reason why people get depressed and eventually die by suicide. The industry is very neat and clean but it is people like him who are polluting it and should be kicked out of the industry. And I think that the process has already begun. I don’t think he will return to India anytime soon.

Why do you think KRK does this? Is it some personal vendetta or because he himself failed as an actor?

The reason is simple. He has no image of himself. He did nothing in the industry except a small film called ‘Deshdrohi’. And if you watch it, you wouldn’t be able to eat and vomit out instead. I won’t make personal comments about his face, height, or brain because we are civilized people. But even as an actor, he was so bad in the film.

We then saw him in Bigg Boss. He behaved badly and he was ousted from that also. The industry is not giving him work and he has nothing else to do. He is a shallow person. I also have evidence where he can be seen asking for money to review a film.

He even gave bad reviews to a film that I financed. When the makers requested me to talk to him, he said that he had sent two girls but the makers didn’t cast them in the film. That is why he gave bad reviews and talked badly about people involved in the project.

I have a recording of him asking for Rs 25 lakh for putting up a good review. So strict action should be taken against such blackmailers.

Why the industry took so long to speak up against him?

If we talk about big stars like Shahrukh Khan, they mind their own business. Dogs bark and the stars don’t want to waste their time on dogs. But there’s a limit to everything and now it has been crossed. And now Salman has come forward.

Everyone in the industry wants him behind the bars. There’s not a single person who likes him. Even if you check his tweets, the replies are always against him. People just want to see his controversial statements and not him. People just want to know how low he can stoop and what controversial does he have to say. He is not known for saying or doing good things. Everyone knows it.

People in the industry are now speaking up against him. Mika Singh said that he would give KRK a tight slap. I told him that we would not beat him and will take the legal route only. He weighs 250gms and if we give him one tight slap, he would die and we would be charged with murder.

I belong to a farmer’s family. I have been through a time when I owned only one pair of clothes. I have struggled a lot and have created a good reputation for myself. We wouldn’t let him destroy our reputation.

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