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Kangana Shares Anurag’s Child Abuse Video On Twitter

Now in the ongoing #MeToo saga between Payal and Anurag, Bollywood Queen Kangana has come out against Anurag where she shares an old video of film maker's child abuse confession on Twitter.

Ever since Payal GhoshAnurag Kashyap saga has started, this issue has now become a raging potboiler in Bollywood for sure. Now Queen of B Town, Kangana shares Anurag’s child abuse video on Twitter.

The latest development in this ongoing #MeToo saga between Payal and Anurag is that, the Padmashri award winner Kangana boldly shares Anurag’s child abuse video on her official Twitter handle. Kangana is supporting Payal in her pursuit of justice.

As of now the current update in the case is that Payal has now even filed an official complaint against the director where as Kashyap’s lawyer Priyanka Khimani has also issued her statement on the same.

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She is one of the most fearless, loved and a bold actor in bollywood today who doesn’t like sugar coating and always speaks out her mind by voicing her opinions against mal practices in the bollywood film industry.

Recently, Kangana shared an old video of Anurag Kashyap on her Twitter account which was originally posted by a Twitter user that showed the film maker confessing about him molesting and abusing a child during his childhood.

From the looks of the video, it seemed to be a seminar or a summit where Kashyap was seen talking about it on a panel. In the video, it can be clearly heard that he used to take that kid to the corner and slap him. He justified this behaviour of his by explaining that it was a means and a sort of way for him to vent out and remove his pent up anger and frustration as he had been a victim of the same in his childhood too.

The kid then went and complained about the same to his parents after which Kashyap was summoned by the principal of the school as told by the director film maker in the summit.

And now giving her honest unbiased reaction for the same on Twitter, Kangana tweeted, “I spoke about emotional vultures/suicide gang who killed SSR and tried to push me to kill myself, many asked but why they do this to others? Listen to Anurag he is explaining how he used to molest a kid, they are people who are hurting but they think hurting others is the answer”.

Source: Kangana Twitter. Kangana shares old video of Anurag’s child abuse confession on Twitter
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