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Ex-Wives Speak Up After Anurag Kashyap Is Accused Of Harassment

Anurag Kashyap's ex-wives Kalki Koechlin and Aarti Bajaj issued a statement after he was accused of harassment by Payal Ghosh.

Filmmaker Anurag Kashyap has been accused of sexual assault by actress Payal Ghosh. She came out on Twitter to make the big claim as she wrote, “Anurag Kashyap has forced himself on me and extremely badly. Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji, kindly take action and let the country see the demon behind this creative guy. I am aware that it can harm me and my security is at risk. Pls help!” 

Kangana Ranaut was amongst the first ones to support Payal and bash Anurag. As the controversy fueled up, Anurag Kashyap’s ex-wives came out to share their point of view.

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Anurag Kashyap’s Ex-Wife Kalki Koechlin Speaks Up:

Anurag’s ex-wife Kalki is standing rock solid with the filmmaker and has rubbished these claims. She wrote a long note on social media that reads, “Dear Anurag, don’t let this social media circus get to you, you have fought for the freedom of women in your scripts, you’ve defended their integrity in your professional space as well as in your personal life. I have been witness to it, in the personal and professional space you have always seen me as your equal, you have stood up for my integrity even after our divorce, and you have supported me when I felt unsafe in a work environment even before we got together. This strange time where everyone gets to abuse one another and make false claims without any repercussions is a dangerous and repulsive one. It is destroying families, friends and countries. But there is a place of dignity that exists beyond this virtual blood bath, a place of paying attention to the needs of those around you, a place of being kind even when no one is looking, and I know you are very familiar with that place.”

She summed it up by saying, “Trolls to troll karenge.” Anurag and Kalki were married from 2011 to 2015.

Anurag Kashyap’s Ex-Wife Aarti Bajaj Speaks Up:

And then, Anurag’s first wife Aarti Bajaj, to whom he was married from 2003 to 2009 also came out in his support. She wrote on Instagram, “First wife here… You are a rockstar, Anurag Kashyap. Keep empowering women as you do and the safest place you create for all of them. I see it first hand with our daughter.”

She further added, “There is no integrity left and the world is full of losers and no brains baying for blood of anyone who has a voice. If everybody spends the energy which they use in hating others constructively this world will be a better place. Cheapest stunt I have seen till now. First it made me angry then I laughed so hard as it cannot come more framed then this. I am sorry that you have to go through this .That’s the level of them. You stay high and keep using your voice. We love you.”

Well, it’s not just the ex-wives, but several women who have worked with Anurag have come out in his support. 

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