Is Ajay Devgn’s “Maidaan”, Akshay Kumar’s “Gold” Featuring Football?   

Even if you are not a great observer, you can spot some similarities between the trailers of Maidaan and Akshay Kumar's Gold (2018). Ajay Devgn's Maidaan is Gold featuring football.

A few days ago, the much anticipated movie’s trailer was launched. Yes, we are hashing over the trailer of Ajay Devgn starrer “Maidaan”. The movie is about the golden era of football India experienced. This movie is more of a biopic. Well, the trailer has already given us some glimpse of this venture and piqued the curiosity of audiences. But you must have felt like you have seen this trailer before somewhere else. Don’t stress your memory too much. Maidaan’s trailer somehow resembles the trailer of Akshay Kumar’s “Gold” released in the year 2018. Both movies are based on India’s true stories; Maidaan is about football and Gold is about Hockey. Here are some similarities one can spot between the trailers of both movies. 

Trailer’s Opening Scene 

As both movies are about sports (India’s story of Hockey in the Olympics and Football in the Asian Games), the opening scenes of trailers are average. Trailers open with the huge stadium where the protagonists start narrating their story with heavy hearts. And here you will start feeling like a Déjà vu. 

Wife’s Disagreement 

The wife of the protagonist in Maidaan, portrayed by Priyamani, is not very encouraging about her husband’s love towards football, but later she accepts the fact and becomes an emotional support to him throughout the journey. Now if you remember, in Gold, Akshay Kumar’s wife, played by Mouni Roy, is quite harsh as her husband is a sports enthusiast, but even she supports him during his tough journey to the Olympics. 

Building A Team 

Protagonists possess the dream to be a top class team in the respective games. But they start from scratch. They find the players, make the team, unite the players. In both films, the team faced criticism from other authorities and officials. 

The Photo Moment 

Another common moment you will find in Maidaan and Gold is the photo moment. A picture-perfect team clicks a ‘momentum’ photo together, in the official blazer of the Indian team. 

Now how the story will take its path till the end is an interesting thing to watch in Maidaan. 

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